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Are Pharaoh Ants Attracted To Something Inside My Aiken Home?

pharaoh ants on food

When you have ants inside your Aiken home, it can be challenging to enjoy your haven. While your home should be somewhere where you can relax, pest infestations can ruin your peace of mind, and ants are one of the most common home invaders. Some ants are just a nuisance, while others invade in large numbers or pose health risks. One of these problematic ants is the pharaoh ant, as they have large nests and pose health risks.

To protect your home from pharaoh ants in Aiken, our experts at Aiken Pest Control have devised this prevention guide.

Will A Pharaoh Ant Bite Me?

As pharaoh ants do have mouths, they can technically bite. However, they rarely bite people, and their bites aren't a big deal. They also have a small stinger that they don't usually use on humans. So, while they could bite you if you pick one up, there aren't many health risks from these bites.

But, while pharaoh ants might not bite or sting very often, this doesn't mean that they are harmless. They are one of the most dangerous ants in the area, and it's because they can spread disease.

Do Pharaoh Ants Carry Anything?

Pharaoh ants are dangerous because they transmit a variety of pathogens. While all ants can contaminate food and often get into pantries, pharaoh ants are a few that spread specific illnesses such as salmonella and streptococcus. These ants will get into food sources around homes and even businesses. They're known to invade hospitals and get into IV lines.

The other issue with pharaoh ants is that they are only around 1/16th of an inch long, so it isn't easy to spot them first. They can fit through minuscule cracks and crevices and often live inside walls or under flooring. As the infestation grows, it can have several thousands of individuals.

What Is Attracting Pharaoh Ants Into My House?

Because of the risks that pharaoh ants pose, it's wise to know how to prevent them. Overall, the easiest way to prevent these ants is to remove the factors that attract them in the first place. Just like other ants, these pests need access to water and food. They prefer humid environments, and the easier it is for them to get into food, the more likely they are to invade. They will consume pet food, sweets, proteins, and grains. 

Pharoah ants in Aiken also need the ability to get inside a building. Unfortunately, it's not hard for them to sneak indoors, given their small size, but you can try to fill up cracks and holes around the wall and foundation and repair broken screens.

What Can I Do To Remove A Pharaoh Ant Infestation?

If you don't have a pharaoh ant infestation yet, now is the perfect time to implement some ant control measures. You can follow some steps on your own to reduce humidity and access to food. However, if you already have an active infestation, trying to eradicate pharaoh ants on your own isn't the best idea. They are invasive and potentially dangerous, and ultimately, most DIY products aren't going to work.

Instead, the safest and most effective option is to obtain Aiken Pest Control services from our experts. Contact our team today to learn more about ant prevention and removal and even get a quote on our home pest control services.