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Wagener's Complete Guide To The House Mouse

a little house mouse laying on a wood floor

Squeaking, sneaking, and otherwise reeking, these tiny mammals are looking forward to making themselves right at home in your home. Rodents are quiet creatures, but unusual nocturnal sounds coupled with strange scents and fecal matter provide clear evidence of an infestation. House mice bring a host of concerns, ranging from bacteria to extensive property damage. Some cases may also bring fleas and ticks into a home, which can quickly spread itchy bites and illnesses of their own.

It isn’t difficult to identify a rodent infestation, especially during the cold winter months, November through February. A lack of food and water will force them to begin looking for alternative housing, which may involve your home or property. Rodents are most likely found hiding out in...

  • Attics 
  • Basements 
  • Walls or crawlspaces
  • Garages 
  • Floor clutter or empty boxes

Excluding Mice Through Preventative Measures

Rodents are not easily eradicated once established, but the following prevention tips will help to keep house mice from venturing onto your property in the first place:

  • Mice can fit through any opening that measures one-fourth an inch or larger. This means that caulking, sealing, and adding steel wool to entry points around the house is the first line of defense against rodent infestations.
  • Keep pet food tightly sealed away when not in use.
  • Run dehumidifiers in problem areas of the home to keep house mice from setting up nesting areas. Large-scale or chronic issues can be handled through the help of a reputable handyman in your area.

If you think or know that rodent activity is already present in your home, schedule a comprehensive home inspection today to get a better handle on the size and scope of the issue, as well as any dangers your home may be facing.

Mitigate Mouse Mayhem In Wagener

Homeowners are often tempted to use DIY methods or other home remedies to eliminate their house mouse problem, but these techniques rarely deliver a successful outcome. Traps and baits can help to reduce populations, and preventative measures can help to keep future rodents from wandering in, but established mouse populations will not be easily persuaded to leave an area once they’ve settled down. For the most effective rodent control on the market, reach out to Aiken Pest Control now.

Proud to protect the citizens of Wagener, South Carolina, and beyond, Aiken takes the stress out of eliminating mice. We also provide clean-up, removing disease-carrying carcasses, excrement, or urine safely. To receive your free house mouse inspection and to speak with a qualified pest professional, call our office today.