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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the time of year that is filled with yummy food, lots of laughter, and moments of joy and thankfulness spent with family. It is also a very busy time of year, whether you are traveling to visit family, or you have family coming to visit you. While Thanksgiving is an exciting time, there is also a lot of stress that coincides with that excitement. One of the stresses that homeowners worry about—or if they aren’t, they should be—is the potential of coming across bed bugs.

For those homeowners who are busy traveling to visit their families, it’s important that no matter where you stay during your visit, for example, a hotel or the home of a family member, you keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, and mahogany-brown in color except after feeding when they turn reddish. Their favorite place to occupy, as their name simply states, is within mattresses, box spring coils and framing, and the bed frame. They are also found in upholstered furniture, behind wall hangings, and other out-of-the-way places. If possible, you’ll want to look over the place you’ll be staying and pay special attention to signs of bed bugs such as rusty or reddish stains on bedding, mattresses, and even walls. You can also keep an eye out for shed skins. If after your stay you notice little red bumps or a rash on your body, you may have been bitten, but don’t rely on just a small bite to determine if there are bed bugs present—some individuals don’t react to a bed bug bite at all. If you think the place you are staying has a bed bug infestation it’s important to alert them and have them contact their local pest control company. You should also call your own local pest control company as a precaution upon your arrival home to avoid bed bugs from infiltrating your own home.

Now for those dealing with the other side of the situation—visitors staying with you could be bringing bed bugs with them in suitcases, clothing, purses, and especially if they bring their bedding. Bed bugs are natural hitchhikers and won’t be afraid to catch a ride straight into your home on your loved ones. An effective preventative tip is to use mattress and box spring encasement in all bedrooms. These coverings are zipped shut to keep bed bugs from completely infesting them and can ensure you won’t need to throw them out. After your guests leave, look out for the same signs listed above. If you notice any of the signs or simply want to make sure that no bed bugs have entered your home, South Carolina homeowners should call Aiken Pest Control.

Aiken Pest can help eliminate any bed bug problem, no matter the size. Our highly trained technicians commonly use heat treatment technology, which has proven extremely effective at killing bed bugs in all areas of the home. Specialized mobile heating units reach temperatures as high as 135 degrees Fahrenheit and can kill all stages of bed bug development. Our technicians also use more conventional EPA-registered products for more isolated infestations. Aiken knows that Thanksgiving is a busy time for homeowners and we would love to be able to take away some of your stress by making sure your home is protected from bed bugs.