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Bed Bug Awareness Week


Did you realize that there are a lot of stories out there about bed bugs that simply aren’t true? I am certain that you have heard the one about bed bugs only infesting beds! You may have even heard the one that tells you that bed bugs can only be found in hotels and motels, or perhaps you have heard that bed bugs only infest dirty homes and businesses. What would you think if I told you that none of these are true? Would you be left with that uneasy feeling that comes from the understanding that you could potentially be exposing yourself to bed bugs without even knowing it? Sadly, this is typically the case which is why the National Pest Management Alliance has named the week of June 4-10, 2017, as “Bed Bug Awareness Week”!

Dispelling all of the fallacies about bed bugs that have been passed down from generation to generation is not an easy task, but by working together we can make a difference and help people better understand these elusive pests in the hopes of stopping their rapid spread in our country. This is why the experts here at Aiken Pest Control have decided to dedicate some of our content to bed bugs this week!

The first myth that must be dispelled to stop the rapid spread of bed bugs here in South Carolina and throughout the country is to understand that bed bugs do not only infest unkempt homes and businesses. They do not care how good or how poor your housekeeping abilities are. The only thing on the mind of a bed bug is finding a comfortable place to live where they have access to their favorite meal – human blood. And, if they can find that meal with as little hassle as possible, that is best - which leads us to the second myth - that bed bugs can only be found in beds.

While bed bugs are commonly found around beds, this is not to say that beds are where they ‘live’. The only reason that they can sometimes be discovered in or around a bed is that this is where they can feed with the least amount of resistance. After all, you typically lie in bed practically unconscious and unaware of your surroundings for almost 8 hours a night. What better time to come out and feed on your blood than that? But bed bugs are also commonly found living in wall voids and behind electrical outlets. They can be found inside pictures on your walls and inside your television, stereo, or gaming system. They can invade your living room furniture or the cracks between the hardwood floors in your hallway. They can literally ‘live’ anywhere in your home or business; and since bed bugs can go for several months without feeding, they can be completely overrunning your home before you ever discover them in your bedroom.

To learn more about these tricky little pests or to discuss the ways that Aiken Pest Control can help you eliminate a bed bug infestation of any size, simply give us a call today. And remember, bed bug infestations can truly happen to anyone!