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Pests Go To College, Too


As our children grow up, many of us pray they go to college. We want the absolute best that life has to offer for them and it’s been drilled into our brains that attending a university for extended education is the best way for them to achieve everything they want to achieve in life. College has been a goal for growing teens and young adults for decades now. Over half of high school graduates attend college for at least one year, and 30% of high school graduates go on to obtain a college degree, making us all very proud.

They’re Not Alone

Proud as we may be, we should understand that our students are not alone. Just because they’re off to college doesn’t mean they’re free of the household pests that we have grown accustomed to battling on and off for the majority of our lives. College campuses are healthy breeding grounds for pests. They have plenty of messy college kids, dozens of buildings to spend the cold nights in, and thousands of articles of clothing and beds to hide away in! Both students and pests tend to thrive on a college campus.

It Can Feel Impossible to Stay Ahead of Pests at College

Most campuses are just too large for the custodial staff to be able to take care of on their own. Prevention packages are available for large institutions, often at a discounted rate. We understand that students aren’t typically the most responsible creatures on campus and many of them don’t do much in the way of pest prevention. Weeks of dirty laundry, half-eaten candy bars, empty beer cans, and pizza boxes tend to flood the dorms. This is an open invitation to pests of all kinds. Older campuses have to worry about mice while the new campuses worry about ants and flies.

We’re Here to Help

Just because an institution of higher learning has a 10% acceptance rate doesn’t mean that the same rate applies to pests. The professionals at Aiken Pest Control can investigate a college campus and determine what you’re up against. We can provide material for the students to read quickly to understand how they can help prevent infestations and provide year-round services that vary based on the needs of each season. Additionally, we can work with the campus custodial staff to further improve the campus pest defenses. The best way to keep everybody free from pests and encourage healthy learning is by combining the efforts of students, staff, and an external professional service.