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What Are Pharaoh Ants?

pharaoh ants closeup eating

There are not many people who are even aware of the existence of pharaoh ants, let alone that they are invading homes and businesses all over the United States. We are more familiar with carpenter ants, pavement ants, and fire ants, and we are quite familiar with the common odorous house ants, but not the pharaoh ants.

So what are pharaoh ants? Pharaoh ants found their way at some point to the United States from Africa. What makes them so difficult is that their ant colonies utilize more than one queen which allows them to reproduce and grow in numbers much more rapidly. These ants are 1/16” in size making them one of the smallest ant species. They are yellowish-red in color, with a darker abdomen, and they have six legs and antennae.

The colony of the pharaoh ant can contain thousands of workers. Pharaoh ants are drawn to foods like dead insects, oils, proteins, and sweets. They prefer warm humid areas and will travel for food, typically along electrical and telephone wires. They are also more apt to stay indoors since they would die outside in some extreme weather.

The problem with pharaoh ants is that they can spread diseases and pathogens like streptococcus and salmonella. If they infest a hospital, they are even able to enter IV bottles, wounds, and mouths, which could be terrifying, especially in large numbers.

If you want to prevent a pharaoh ant infestation in the future you should:

  • Seal off all cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls of your building
  • Keep trash tightly sealed and away from the exterior of your building
  • Clear all clogged rain gutters that are making water run down into walls
  • Store firewood at least 20’ away from your structure
  • Trim back shrubs, trees, and other vegetation

These tips can be very helpful in limiting your risk of a pharaoh ant infestation, but the best way to prevent these ants is with the assistance of an experienced pest control service. Pest control technicians have the training and knowledge regarding the habitats and habits of pests and will use current methods and procedures that are efficient and effective.

Aiken Pest Control in South Carolina can help you eliminate pharaoh ants and many other pests that continually make their way inside your humble home. Call us today for more information about our residential pest control programs, we are sure there is one to fit your needs. Go pest-free with Aiken Pest Control!