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What Are These Tiny Red Bugs All Over My Yard?


We have gotten more than a few phone calls from alarmed homeowners about tiny red bugs that seem to have come from nowhere and have set up camp in yards and buildings in the area. These are clover mites, and they are not an uncommon pest to find in our area. They are so small, only about the size of a pinhead, that you might not even notice them in the yard if it were not for their deep red color or their tendency to cover the sunny side of a home.

Clover mites are true mites, closely related to ticks. They mostly spend their time feeding on clover (hence, the name), weeds, garden plants, and grassy areas which is why they are so attracted to our lush, green lawns that we work so hard for each year. They are especially active during the spring and fall months.

The problem is that the clover mite tends to invade homes if they find the tiniest of entry points, mostly around windows, screens, and doors. These pests do nothing alone. They travel with a few thousand of their family members and friends. Just the sheer number of them alone can be an intimidating sight if you do not know what you are looking at. When they show up on a property in such large numbers, they become a nuisance pest for the people who live there.

Clover mites pose no danger at all to people or their homes, except that these mites will leave red stains on furniture, curtains, window sills, and walls if they get squished. When they invade in huge numbers, it can also be a real issue to try to get rid of them. It is never recommended that you take it upon yourself to remove a clover mite infestation from your home. Generally, the products sold over the counter are either ineffective or not strong enough to be able to treat the sheer number of clover mites that come in.

When clover mites become a problem, give the experts at Aiken Pest Control a call. Our technicians are some of the best in the business and will work with you to eradicate clover mites without leaving a red mess behind. Aiken Pest Control can also work with you to make sure that clover mites, along with a multitude of other pests, stay away from your home and property with one of our year-round pest control options.