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Are You Struggling With Bird Infestations In Aiken?

pigeon perched on cement

There are some pests that you might worry about invading your home. Pests such as flies, spiders, and ants are commonplace, but there are other pests in the area that you should know about and begin instituting prevention measures. Bird infestations are one of these pest problems that often get ignored, which can also cause many problems around your property.

One of the main bird species to worry about is the pigeon, as they can pose health risks and cause property damage. Find out more about pigeons in Aiken and how to prevent them through Elizabeth City pest control services.

Where Do Pigeons Like To Build Their Nests In Aiken?

Pigeons in Aiken are common birds accustomed to living alongside people. While they are generally a city dweller, they are in more suburban areas. They like to build their nests in nooks, crannies, or ledges. They can be in rafters, under the eaves of rooflines, or in outbuildings. 

To get bird control in hand and keep pigeons away from your property, you need to reduce areas where birds can nest. Overall, the best way to keep pigeons and other birds from roosting is to contact the pest control experts at Aiken Pest Control.

Is It Bad To Feed Wild Birds?

While you’ve probably heard from your parents or others around you that feeding birds is not a good idea, it’s very accurate. Feeding birds in Aiken, such as pigeons, will likely attract them even more. This especially becomes a problem if you are feeding birds near your home as birds like pigeons can pose health risks. The accumulation of their droppings can lead to the release of spores that cause histoplasmosis. These droppings can also cause property damage as they erode machinery and siding.

Due to these potential risks, attracting birds to your property should be avoided. Don't feed the birds and remove things like pet food and bird feeders from around your yard. 

How Do Bird Spikes Work To Keep Birds Away?

You can purchase many products at the store to keep pigeons and other bird species from nesting. Some of these products include bird spikes or netting. These items function by keeping the birds from building a comfortable nest, and they can be an effective way to prevent these pests.

However, it can be difficult to control pigeons and other birds independently. There are many areas where pigeons can nest around your home and property, so implementing these exclusion methods is tricky. Overall, the most effective way to handle birds around Aiken is with wildlife control services from Aiken Pest Control.

Why Do I Need Pest Control For Birds?

Because birds can spread diseases, damage property, and are challenging to remove, pest control services are the best way to tackle these pests. Instead of attempting to handle bird prevention and removal on your own, let the experts simplify it. There will be no need to worry about bird issues if you allow the wildlife control experts at Aiken Pest Control to assist you. Give us a call today for more information.