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Aiken's Spring Pest Prevention Handbook

termite eating wood

It's no secret that pests are a year-round issue in Aiken, but some seasons bring more pests than others, and spring is one such season. Check out this handbook to learn how to protect yourself from all of the common spring pests in Aiken. 

What Pests Abound In The Spring?

In the spring, there are several Aiken pests you are likely to encounter. For instance, termites chew all year long but tend to be more active in the spring and winter. These are also the times of the year they might form swarmers and invade your property from a nearby colony.

Another common springtime pest is the ant. After a long winter, local ant species often invade homes and businesses in search of food, namely, food crumbs and pantry food. Whatever type of ants you have in your home, you can be certain that they'll be a nuisance. 

In the winter, wasps hibernate but eventually come out in full force once it's warm enough. Because wasps are aggressive, they could become a danger to you and anyone on your property, so stay vigilant.

Why Is The Spring So Bad For Pest Problems?

In the winter, the cold temperatures cause most pests to go into hiding. They can't handle the cold, so many Aiken pests find a warm hiding spot and hunker down. While they don't hibernate, several local pests slow down their activities in an effort to save energy. 

As the weather warms up, those pests start to become more active. They're hungry and on the lookout for food. If rats, ants, and cockroaches weren't already in your home, the spring could drive them inside. Your crumbs, garbage, and dried foods make for a 24/7 pest buffet. 

If you don't prevent pests in the spring, you'll be in for a tough few months. With all pests, infestations only worsen with time. Rapid reproduction rates make it almost impossible to get rid of pests like cockroaches in Aiken on your own.

Pest Prevention Tips

With these simple tips, you may be able to protect your home this spring:

  • Clean Often And Thoroughly - Often, pests are attracted to the crumbs and leftover food in your home, or they're attracted to the insects that are attracted to that food. You can prevent pests by cleaning your home regularly. When you do, be sure to do so thoroughly. Pull out your refrigerator, stove, and other large appliances. You could have crumbs hiding underneath or behind them. 
  • Store Food And Trash Properly - Your leftovers are available to all types of pests when you don't store your garbage in containers with lids. The same is true of food that's kept in thin plastic or cardboard packaging. If you don't store it properly, you'll have pests.
  • Clear Yard Debris - A well-maintained yard is one of the keys to deterring pests. Trim stray branches, mow your lawn, and when you do your spring yard work, clean up debris piles immediately. 
  • Address Moisture Issues - Most pests are attracted to moisture. Therefore, you should address moisture issues as part of your pest prevention routine. Fix leaks, drainage issues, and broken ACs. 
  • Find And Seal Potential Entrances - How are pests getting into your home? If you have any cracks or crevices, those are your entry points. Seal up those openings with caulk, and you can make a world of difference.

Work With Experts

The best form of pest protection is with ongoing assistance from our professionals. Here at Aiken Pest Control, we'll protect your home from pests all year long.

Contact us today and we can get started.