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Simple Tips To Keep Silverfish Away From Your Aiken Home

silverfish crawling on a bathroom floor

Nothing screams "nuisance" more than discovering a pest infestation in your home. It requires a lot of effort to track down their hiding spots and locate all the ways they enter. Pests such as silverfish are especially adept at remaining hidden from sight, remaining in your home undetected for months. To successfully remove silverfish from your Aiken home, trust your instincts and contact a pest control company in Aiken. Discover why silverfish got their name, what makes your home prime real estate, and the most effective tips to keep silverfish out of your home from the pros at Aiken Pest Control.

How To Identify A Silverfish

Silverfish get their name based on their unique appearance. While silverfish typically average a length of half an inch, they stand out in many ways. Silverfish have flattened bodies covered in scales, and their shape is comparable to a teardrop, carrot, or fish. They can't fly but have the speed for quick escapes. The other name often used for silverfish is "bristletails" due to the three tails at the end of their bodies. Silverfish inhabit moist, humid areas around your home.

What Can Attract Silverfish To My Home?

Silverfish in Aiken don't need a lot to survive, making any home a viable option to invade. While silverfish aren't dangerous to humans, they contaminate food sources, such as flour and sugar, if there is contact. The main things that attract silverfish to your home are:

  • Moisture: Silverfish thrive in a specific kind of environment. They require a high humidity that ranges from 70-90% within room temperatures. They can survive for weeks without food and water in these conditions.  
  • Carbohydrates and protein: Silverfish feast on foods like starches, rolled oats, glue, paper, cardboard, and insulation. For protein, they eat dead insects and dried beef.

You can find silverfish almost anywhere in your home. Favorite spots include the bathroom, basement, and roofs. Shake roofs are especially popular for silverfish resting sites, as there is plenty of food and moisture collecting there.

Four No-Sweat Prevention Tips To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home

Given the small size of a silverfish, they have a good chance of finding their way into your home. Silverfish are skilled climbers that can find unusual ways into your home.

These four steps provide you with insight into silverfish prevention in Aiken:

  1. Ensuring your roof, lawn, and property remain clear of debris, leaves, and damp wood will reduce hangout spots for silverfish.
  2. Repair leaky pipes and drains that promote standing water and repair damp wood around the house.
  3. Remove paper, cardboard, and books from storage areas. Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air in a humid environment.
  4. Seal up any crevice, crack, hole, or gap that leads into your home. No matter the size, seal it up for extra safety.

Inspecting the interior and exterior of your home and property is a great way to begin your silverfish prevention. Check the roof and around the upper windows for any gaps that silverfish could be slipping into. Feel confident and contact a certified pest control company near you to inspect your home and property for signs of silverfish or other pests.

How Can I Get Rid Of These Pesky Silverfish Once And For All?

Never worry about silverfish or pests in general again; rely on Aiken Pest Control for effective pest control services. We've been providing exceptional residential and commercial pest control in South Carolina since 1967. We love to see our family, friends, and communities living in pest-free homes and feeling safe. If you have concerns regarding silverfish or other pest control issues, don't hesitate to call us to receive the help you need today.

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