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Aiken's Step-By-Step Ant Control Guide

red fire ants crawling on an anthill

Quite possibly the most overlooked and underestimated residential pest, these small backyard insects may be posing a greater threat to your family than you ever realized. Aiken is home to hundreds of different types of pests, with the humble ant acting as a main contender for the most populous arthropod around. Capable of housing thousands of members within a single colony, ants are found on every continent except Antarctica. Their nimble frames, large colonies, and territorial behaviors make them an important part of the worldwide food chain. However, an overabundance of these pests around your Aiken home is not a good thing.

Some ants common to South Carolina are classified as ‘nuisance’ pests, meaning that they are more of an annoyance to humans than a backyard danger. In contrast, some ants are considered more destructive to your residential property, and even dangerous to human health.

Five of the most common types of ants around Aiken (and the damage they cause) are:

  1. Pharaoh Ants: The spreader of serious diseases. 
  2. Fire Ants: Doling out painful, dangerous stings. 
  3. Odorous House Ants: Stinky food contaminators. 
  4. Carpenter Ants: Wood-boring insects. 
  5. Acrobat Ants: Known to cause electrical shorts by stripping wire exteriors.

Ant species are extraordinarily hard to get rid of once they have bedded down in your lawn, and are certainly ne'er-do-wells of the highest degree. At the end of the day, it will be no use trying to keep all ant species off your lawn. To manage population growth and the rise of serious infestations during this insect’s most active months, manual ant prevention will be key.

The Five Steps Of Ant Control Around Aiken Properties

They may not appear to be dangerous at first glance, but underestimating these tiny marauders will be a grave mistake. That’s why Aiken Pest Control suggests homeowners implement a five-step prevention plan to keep ant population levels low and mitigate any future risk.

A great place to start with ant prevention is to reduce or eliminate the factors that attract them the most.

  • Reduce food accessibility in your home, keeping dry goods, open packages, and crumbs off the floor and properly sealed away. Some foods, including birdseed and pet foods, may also attract ant colonies. Keep these items properly stored in airtight containers.
  • Keep trash collected in its respective bins, both inside and outside the home. Do what you can to remove filled bags from the house at least once a week. Make sure to rinse recyclable containers well before adding them to your recycling bin.
  • Address any moisture issues in the home by running dehumidifiers, hanging up desiccant bags, or repairing leaky pipes or filled drains.
  • Learning how to identify and seal off potential entry points around the home will be critical to keeping a pest-free interior. Look for cracks and crevices around the sides of doors and windows, as well as deep rips in window screens. Using a type of waterproof caulking, carefully fill the interior of the crack and wipe flat with the towel. Replace all door and window screens with new material.
  • Get regular pest control protection through a professional agency such as Aiken Pest Control.

To assess the ant risk level of your property, schedule a complimentary home inspection through Aiken Pest Control today.

Get Total Control Over Your Ant Colonies With Aiken Pest Control

Ants may be an overwhelming pest to face alone, but pest control has never been easier with the kind, of professional care found here in Aiken. For total ant control and the peace of mind that you and your family deserve, reach out to the experts at Aiken Pest Control today.