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How High Heat And Heavy Rainfall Leads To Termite Infestations In Aiken

an infestation of termites moving across decaying wood

Every year, Aiken property owners are afflicted with new pest pressures with each change of the seasons. Termites are one of the pest pressures you may face year-round, however, termites are typically more active in the late spring and summer months. Now that the high heat of summer has arrived, termites are as active as ever around Aiken properties and inside homes.

The Perfect Conditions For Termite Activity

While termites are capable of surviving year-round in South Carolina, they still prefer the warmer, more humid climate of summer. This is because termites depend on warmth and moisture to survive, which they can get plenty of during the hot and humid months. Unfortunately, termites also need the nutrients found in the wooden structures of our homes. Home and business structures are often targeted during summer as the perfect location for termites to feed, create tunnels, and build a colony—especially if there are any water-damaged or damp wooden elements on the property.

Is Your Property At Risk?

With the heavy rainfall we get during spring, and the high temperatures of summer, termites are taking every opportunity to infest Aiken homes. To determine whether or not your property is at risk of a termite infestation this year, you must figure out if your home is supplying the moisture termites need in addition to the wood they invaded for. One of the best ways to eliminate the risk of termites on your property is to eliminate the resources they depend on to survive:

  • If your property has any damp or water-damaged wood, remove the damaged wooden structures and replace them with dry ones.
  • Tighten loose piping, drains, or faucets that may be contributing to the moisture and water damage in your home or business.
  • Keep water from building up around your property by ensuring your gutters drain correctly and by emptying items that collect water.
  • Store firewood away from the exterior of your property, remove stumps, and cut brush away from your home or business building.

Aiken Pest Control provides termite control services for both residential and commercial properties. With the high levels of moisture and heat this summer, it has never been more important to contact a licensed pest professional. Here at Aiken Pest, we provide solutions such as the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to protect homes and businesses. Keep your property protected this summer with one of our termite service options.

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