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Damage Powder Post Beetles Cause


If you haven’t heard of powder post beetles, you should get to know them now. Powder post beetles can cause expensive damage, infest quickly, and get out of hand before you can get the population under control. Learn how to identify this pest and learn about the damage powder post beetles cause.

What Is A Powder Post Beetle?

Powder post beetles are wood-boring insects found in the Midlands of South Carolina and the Central Savannah River Area. The powder post beetle is reddish brown to black. They measure only up to 1/4 inch long and have slender bodies.

Powder post-beetle larvae have distinct features. When the powder post beetle lays its eggs, the eggs are white or cream. The most distinct feature of powder post larvae is the c-shape form.

Unfortunately, if you see the larvae, you may already have an advanced infestation.

Signs Of A Powederpost Beetle Infestation

When you have a powder post-beetle problem, you won’t know it until you see the signs of an infestation. This beetle leaves piles of fine dust (frass) by holes in wood. Frass is a mixture of wood dust and beetle excrement.

Signs of powder post beetles include:

  • Visible lines of wood dust on damaged wood
  • Small piles of wood dust
  • Several small holes in damaged or dead wood

Damages Caused by Powder Post Beetles

The damage that powder post beetles cause can affect your home, your furniture, and other valuables. They prefer to feed on hardwoods like ash, oak, hickory, and bamboo, but they will also opt for pine as well.

The powder post beetle will damage molding, fixtures, wood paneling and furniture.

How to Prevent Powder Post Beetles

To avoid powder post beetle damage, prevent them in the first place with these tips:

  • Apply varnish to untreated wood
  • Dry wood in a kiln when working with rough-cut lumber
  • Do not store valuable furniture in a shed or barn
  • Call the professionals at Aiken Pest Control for preventative services

Call Aiken Pest if you suspect a powder post-beetle infestation in your home. The Aiken Pest Control team will conduct a thorough inspection and perform treatment applications if necessary.

Contact Aiken Pest Control now to set up your appointment.