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How Are Ticks Getting In?

black legged tick on skin

Ticks live and thrive in hot, humid climates like the climate typical to South Carolina during the summertime. The hot summers provide a humid subtropical climate and the winters are mild enough for ticks to remain active all year long. This creates a never-ending cycle of reproduction that can explode during the summer!

The most common ticks in the area are the black-legged or “deer” tick, the lone star or “seed” tick, the American dog or “wood” tick, and the brown dog tick. Regardless of the variety of ticks, they all require blood meals during all of the stages of their development and thus seek out hosts to feed on.

Typically, ticks will lay in wait outdoors on tall grasses or in bushes and trees for an opportunity to crawl or drop onto wildlife animals, humans, or domestic pets. They will then latch onto your pet or your shoes, clothing, bags, boxes, or plants and be carried right into your home. You don’t even need a pet to be exposed to a tick infestation because you or another member of your household could unknowingly carry a tick right through your front door! Even though it is common for ticks to travel on pets or people into a home, they can also get inside on other pests like rodents. Just one small mouse can carry up to 100 ticks on its body, which is an infestation all in itself! Once they have been transported indoors, they will then seek a host to feed on for their survival. Once they find a host, they can remain there and continue feeding and reproducing them for the rest of their life.

Although ticks are tiny and may look quite harmless, they can carry dangerous, disease-spreading pathogens that can cause a multitude of health issues for both humans and pets. Ticks can transmit several illnesses including Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other serious illnesses. The most common symptoms of these tick-borne diseases include fever, chills, headache, muscle or joint pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Ticks are dangerous, disease-spreading pests that should be avoided at all costs. Tick prevention is the most effective method to reduce the population of ticks on your property. Aiken Pest Control can help in the Central Savannah River Area and the Midlands of South Carolina! Our experienced professionals can help solve all of the tick and pest problems that pose a threat to you, your family, and your pets. Contact Aiken Pest Control today for our quality pest control services!