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How To Handle Termite Troubles In Aiken


You're sitting in your favorite armchair enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon when suddenly, it collapses to the floor. No, the chair doesn’t have a defective leg - it's termites! From munching on your precious books to chomping through your wooden furniture, these champion woodworkers can cause some serious damage.

Fortunately, Aiken Pest Control delivers advanced termite and pest control to decimate an infestation in record time. Read further to learn more about the ins and outs of termite infestations and how highly qualified termite pest control professionals can resolve the issue quickly!

How To Identify Termite Damage

If you’re confused about how to recognize the signs of termites in your home, there’s a good reason. These insects are experts at conducting covert operations underground – literally! They steadily work away inside your wooden structures without getting a wink of sleep. Once the damage is visible, it’s easy to mistake it for an unrelated issue. However, if you pay close attention, some clues indicate these insects have infested your home. 

Tap on your wood to see if it gives off a hollow sound. Termites can also cause floors to warp or sag as they eat away at the wooden support beams underneath. Your floors may even start to look or feel uneven. Swarmer termites will shed their wings before mating and building a new colony, which you may see left around window sills. Frass is a sawdust-like substance that termites produce as they eat through wood, which you may see in small piles near the affected structures.

Remember, early detection is essential to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. Contact our team at Aiken Pest Control if you’ve noticed any of these telltale signs of termites in your home.

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

Since termites feed on wood, having a lot of wooden structures around makes your home an automatic target. This includes wooden decks, fences, and furniture. Also, these insects need moisture to survive, so damp or humid environments are ideal for them. If your home is experiencing leaking pipes, poor ventilation, and improper drainage, these factors can all contribute to excess moisture, which also attracts termites. Some species build their nests in soil, so if your home has direct contact with it, the likelihood of a termite infestation increases, especially if the ground consists of high organic content and is moist.

Experts recommend scheduling routine home maintenance and inspections to help detect a termite problem as early as possible to reduce your chances of becoming a termite’s next target. Get in touch with your local pest management company, like Aiken Pest Control, for more information. 

The Key To Preventing Future Termite Troubles

If you want to avoid experiencing termite troubles, you must implement proactive measures to deter these insects and reduce the risk of an infestation. Try taking the following steps:

  • Remove wood debris, like tree stumps and branches.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in your foundation or walls.
  • Fix leaks or water damage and reduce moisture levels in the air.
  • Use termite-resistant building supplies, like steel framing or treated wood.
  • Examine your home for signs of an infestation, like peeling paint or buckling floorboards.

Regular termite inspections by experienced technicians can help detect and prevent termite activity before the infestation worsens. Consult with reputable pest specialists like Aiken Pest Control for their industry-quality termite treatments and other professional methods.

How Professionals Get Rid Of Termites

Partnering with professionals is the best way to get rid of different kinds of termites on your property. At Aiken Pest Control, we utilize the most effective procedures and products to combat termite infestations, including NAVIGATOR® SC.

Our knowledgeable team is highly skilled, and we fully guarantee our services to leave you with an utterly pest-free home. Get in contact with us today so we can start working on your complimentary estimate.