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Signs Of Powderpost Beetles In Aiken, SC Homes

damage on wood from a powderpost beetle

When we think of insects that destroy wood, we consider termites, carpenter ants, and the occasional carpenter bee. But what we very rarely consider is the humble powderpost beetle, one of the most truly destructive insects in the Aiken area.

Most home and business owners are unfamiliar with the appearance of a powderpost beetle. Sometimes referred to as a ‘boring beetle’ by locals, this pest got its name from the boring behaviors shown within wooden objects. By creating tunnels through wooden logs and boards, powderpost beetle larvae leave behind fine sawdust known as frass.

Powderpost beetles boast the following characteristics: 

  • Less than 5/16 of an inch in size
  • Shiny black exoskeletons
  • Long abdomens with a pinched thorax
  • Short, clubbed antennae 

The lifecycle of a powderpost beetle is always directly related to the wood it infests. If that wood is in your Aiken home, you may be facing some structural damages of immense proportions.  

All The Ways You Can Identify A Potential Powderpost Beetle Infestation

There are two major ways to spot a potential powderpost beetle infestation before it happens: the spread of frass piles and exit holes.

Frass piles usually consist of small, fine piles of sawdust built up around the corners of baseboards and walls. Powderpost beetles are not necessarily picky about where they infest, but they do seem to prefer households with a greater amount of moisture or humidity.

Next, powderpost beetles tend to leave exit holes near the wood they infest. As beetle larvae continue to feed and mature, they eventually create exit holes released into the wild.

It is important to understand that adult powderpost beetles do not eat wood. Instead, the larval stage of these pests will consume small tunnels and caverns as they grow and mature, quickly reducing the wood in your home into a fine, flour-like powder. It is important to stop infestations before they take root, stopping thousands of dollars worth of potential damages.

Stopping Powderpost Beetles With Prevention Tips

Powderpost beetle infestations are enough to strike fear into the hearts of any Aiken homeowner. Understanding how and why they appear will help to eliminate any potential infestations in the future.

This list of powderpost beetle prevention tips should help to reduce your risks for an infestation all season long: 

  • Use a set of desiccant bags or a small dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the home.
  • Powderpost beetles prefer wood that comes from the hardwood family, particularly the sapwood of oak trees. If you own any hardwood flooring or furniture, it will be important to seek pre-treatments immediately.
  • Rely on ongoing powderpost prevention strategies from an agency such as Aiken Pest Control. 

Powderpost beetle management has never been simpler with the help of professional applicators. Learn more about pest management in South Carolina from the team at Aiken Pest Control.

Managing Powderpost Beetles Is Easy With Aiken Pest Control

Managing a powderpost beetle problem can be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. To receive professional home pest control assistance at all times of the year, look no further than the team at Aiken Pest Control.

Our professionals are standing by to answer your call or online contact form at any time during our service hours. Reach out now and get connected with a group of powderpost beetle experts right away.