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Mosquitoes Will Soon Return To South Carolina - Are You Prepared?

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Every year, like clockwork, mosquitoes become active again. They will soon be invading outdoor gatherings, campsites, and fishing areas in mass numbers, looking for a blood meal. They're also going to be coming into backyards to ruin our spring fun. Are you prepared to stop them? We hope so. Mosquitoes are dangerous insects that are linked to several harmful human pathogens, some of which have the potential to be fatal. All South Carolina residents must familiarize themselves with mosquito prevention tips to ward off bites and learn as much as possible about all of the many ways a few mosquitoes can grow into a swarm in our backyards.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Personal mosquito prevention is at the heart of preventing mosquito-borne diseases. Use these tips to prevent bites.

  • Make sure all of your screens are in good working condition.
  • Wear mosquito repellent when going outside into areas where you know mosquitoes will be.
  • Avoid going into your yard in the morning or evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Avoid damp, shaded areas where mosquitoes are more plentiful.
  • Put your bug zapper in storage. Zappers do a great job of luring mosquitoes into your yard but are only effective at killing male mosquitoes, which don't bite.

Mosquito Swarms

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes swarm around in your backyard? The answer might surprise you. It is likely due to conditions in your yard that are allowing mosquitoes to breed in your yard.

Most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred feet in their entire life. Tiger mosquitoes, which are strong vectors for the worst mosquito-borne pathogens such as West Nile virus, malaria and Zika, are especially known for short flight ranges. That means, controlling breeding sites in your yard can have a big impact on the threat of viruses.

The Best Protection Against Mosquitoes

Taking personal precautions and controlling breeding sites in your yard will get you most of the way toward protecting you from the threat mosquitoes pose but, for the best protection, seasonal mosquito control service is the way to go. Mosquito control makes your yard the last place mosquitoes will go--literally. When mosquitoes land in your landscaping, they will come into contact with a residual product that their simple systems can't process. This eliminates them and stops them from laying eggs in your yard or neighboring yards.

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