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Bed Bug Prevention For The Holiday Season

a bed bug crawling on sheets at night

The holiday season is upon us and we will want to prevent the spread of bed bugs while traveling, making frequent visits to friends, family, and neighbors, as well as hosting holiday feasts and gatherings. Bed bugs can be a huge nuisance and if detected, can cause fear and a damaged reputation.

It is a myth that bed bugs only infest messy and dirty homes. They are quite at home lurking in places such as public transportation and overnight sleeping accommodations. They don’t stop there, they are frequently found in theaters, libraries, museums, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other public places. Bed bugs will infest these places even if they are “white glove” clean and tidy.

The reason for their versatility is mostly because they don’t care about their surroundings, they just need a host to feed upon for survival. Another reason is that they will readily “hitchhike” on a variety of items, like shoes, coats, clothing, bags, luggage, and the like. Lastly, bed bugs are very hardy, as they can live for long periods without a blood meal, and they are known to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs Over The Holidays

During this holiday season, these prevention steps will be crucial for anyone traveling or hosting people at their home.

Travel Tips

  • Pack all of your clothing in extra-large, sealed bags that will fit in your luggage.
  • Check all public places for bed bugs before sitting down.
  • Inspect overnight room accommodations before unpacking.
  • Look for bed bugs, eggs, shed skins, and tiny dots of dark maroon on mattresses, beds, bedding, bed frames, carpets, outlets, and other furniture.
  • Keep all items off the floor and bed by using luggage racks, if available.
  • Place dirty laundry in a separate, sealed bag, away from your clean clothing.
  • Inspect all of your items and luggage before heading back home.
  • Once you return home, recheck all of your items, including shoes and coats.
  • Launder all of your clothing immediately.
  • Vacuum and wipe down all luggage before storing it away.

Hosting Tips

  • Keep guest coats in an empty closet by the door.
  • If possible, ask your guests to leave their shoes on a plastic mat by the door.
  • If visitors are spending the night, offer them a luggage rack or a designated bin for their clothing, travel items, and luggage.
  • Always use bed bug mattress covers on guest beds.
  • Once your guests leave, launder all of the bedding, including comforters.
  • Inspect guest rooms, and wipe down closets and shoe trays.

Even after implementing these bed bug prevention tips, you may still end up with an infestation. If you suspect a bed bug problem in your home, contact Aiken Pest Control in the CSRA and Midlands of South Carolina. Our experienced technicians can easily solve your bed bug troubles with our bed bug control service. Our effective heat treatments are guaranteed to eliminate every bug at all stages of development. Call Aiken Pest Control, we are here to serve you!