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How Concerned Should I Be About Black Widow Spiders?

black widow spider in web aiken

The thought of black widow spiders might send shivers down your spine. When we think of black widows we immediately think of danger and envision crippling pain and death. Our thoughts might be a little exaggerated though. While black widow spiders can be dangerous, they aren’t lurking in the dark corners of your house waiting to attack you, and even better, you can take steps to prevent and remove them from your home.

What Do Black Widow’s Look Like?

Black widow spiders have eight long spindly legs. Females are distinguished by their shiny black bodies and the red or orangish hourglass-shaped marking on the belly of their abdomen. Males are usually a bit lighter in color and smaller in size, typically about half the size of the 1.5-inch female. 

What Problems Do Black Widow’s Cause?

If left undisturbed, black widow spiders are harmless. It's only when they feel threatened, like when you sit on one or put your foot inside a shoe where one is hiding out, then they will defend themselves by biting. The male bite is harmless, but the female is anything but harmless. Most people will not experience a bad reaction to a black widow bite. However, some people have adverse reactions that can range from nausea, muscle aches, and pain to paralysis of the diaphragm, leading to inhibited breathing and even the possibility of death. It’s important to note that death from a black widow spider is rare.

How Can You Prevent Black Widows?

While death and even serious issues from black widow bites are rare, there aren’t a lot of people willing to just take their chances and hope for the best. You can take some measures around your home to reduce your chances of black widow spiders taking up residence:

  • Keep your house clean and free of clutter – this eliminates hiding places for spiders.
  • Remove webs, vacuum, and dust, and knock down spider eggs.
  • Clean up yard debris where spiders can hide.
  • Eliminate food sources, like other bugs and insects.

How Can Professionals Help?

While precautionary measures are good, likely, they will not eliminate black widow spiders alone. The professionals at Aiken Pest Control provide pest prevention and elimination services that will keep your Aiken home free of pests, including black widow spiders throughout the year. They will give you a free estimate and recommend the best plan to keep the creepy crawlies out of your home. Why risk having damaging black widow spiders around when you can prevent them with the assistance of Aiken Pest Control experts?

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