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How To Handle An Earwig Infestation In North Augusta

earwig inside home

Property owners in North Augusta find themselves encountering a variety of unwanted pests both indoors and outdoors. One of the more obscure types is earwigs. Earwigs earned their name from an old superstitious, mythical belief that these pests crawled inside people’s ears while they slept. Belonging to the order Dermaptera, earwigs are thin insects that exist in roughly 20 different species throughout the U.S. 

How to keep earwigs away from my property? Consult with a trained pest control professional like Aiken Pest Control who understands these strange creatures. A licensed North Augusta pest control company employs technicians who know how to control earwigs that are causing you frustration and ways of keeping them from returning. 

What Are Earwigs?

Earwigs have a long, narrow body style with six legs and typically measure from ¼ to 1 inch long with a darker brown appearance. Earwigs possess claw-like pincers called cerci and may generate an unpleasant odor. Although often equipped with wings, earwigs are usually poor fliers. 

Where do earwigs come from around your home? Emerging from eggs, earwigs in natural settings are often found beneath rocks or in mulch or other types of vegetation. They eat a variety of things, including plants and other insects. Earwigs may survive the winter months within burrows. Females generate tiny eggs that often appear off-white. 

How long do earwigs live? Estimates vary slightly, but earwigs typically live for one year. 

Earwigs Can Damage Your Plants

As largely nocturnal creatures, earwigs emerge after dark and feed on plant-based materials, including leaves and flowers. Earwigs usually prefer environments with ample moisture and often appear in watered lawns and garden areas. 

Earwigs in North Augusta may enter homes through small openings and will commonly hide in laundry rooms, kitchens, or cabinets below sinks. Often attracted to sources of light, earwigs are a commonly seen pest on patios and decks.

Can earwigs hurt you? Earwigs typically lack the strength necessary for pinching or biting humans and are not associated with diseases. 

Tips To Prevent Earwigs From Entering Your Home

Limiting the presence of earwigs on your property involves recognizing what attracts earwigs and the property conditions that these creatures prefer. Some of the best preventative measures include: 

  • Limit excess clutter and debris around the exterior area of the home, such as firewood, piles of leaves, and wheelbarrows. 
  • Fill any cracks around the bases of the home, such as in slabs or footings, with a weatherproof sealant.
  • Identify points of entry that need attention, including torn window screens and gaps below exterior doors.
  • Prevent excessively damp or humid conditions by using dehumidifiers when needed. 
  • Avoid pooling water by filling in ground depressions, fixing leaky garden hoses, and regularly cleaning gutter systems.

Fortunately, most of the recommendations for preventing earwigs also apply to many other pests. Some of the commonalities include keeping water away from the exterior and performing regular maintenance involving windows and doors.  

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Earwig Problem

Are you wondering about the best methods of getting rid of earwigs in my house? Consult with a local professional regarding a property assessment.

Aiken Pest Control is a full-service termite and pest control company that proudly assists residential and commercial customers in North Augusta. We maintain the knowledge and tools needed for expelling bed bugs, fleas, rodents, and many other burdensome and often dangerous critters.  

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Contact our office today for additional details. Homeowners in North Augusta should remember to inquire about our ongoing home and property service and protection options that include quarterly treatment visits from a well-qualified specialist.