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Bed Bug Prevention Strategies For The Spring

a bed bug on a mattress in south carolina

Although bed bugs spend most of their time hitchhiking from warm place to warm place, studies suggest that bed bugs have a season. Typically, a pest's season changes based on the climate they are found in. For instance, more northern pests have shorter seasons due to lengthier winters and shorter summers. But here in South Carolina, our weather is more temperate and pests tend to have longer seasons. As for bed bugs, studies have shown that you are more likely to see bed bugs sneaking into your home during August and least likely to see them in February. Keeping this in mind, bed bugs are already out and about looking to invade homes to take root and multiply into massive numbers. Is your home safe?

Steps To Take To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

Unlike with general pest prevention, bed bugs cannot be stopped by sealing your home. This is because when bed bugs invade they do so with your help or with the help of someone you know. They hitchhike on objects such as clothing, briefcases, used furniture, or anything they can cling to and hide comfortably. Once adequately hidden inside of or on one of these objects, bed bugs will wait and hope that their ride eventually leads them to a place to call home, which usually ends up being a bed or other area of sleep.

The best thing you can do to keep bed bugs away from your bed or sleeping area is to understand the above information and stay vigilant to check items for bed bugs before bringing them inside. Another quick and effective trick to keeping bed bugs away is to immediately wash all of your clothing after returning from a vacation where bed bugs could have been present. This will eliminate any hidden bed bug hitchhikers and greatly reduce your chances of bed bug infestation.

How Heat Treatments Work And Why Treatment Through Aiken Might Be The Perfect Solution

Here at Aiken, we use heat treatments when dealing with bed bugs. This method of elimination has been proven time and time again to fully address bed bug infestations in a way that no other treatment method has been able to. It reaches where pesticides cannot, ensuring that even hidden bed bugs are eliminated. In addition, it's fast and leaves behind no residual residue. This means that all you have to do as a homeowner is leave your home for a few hours and you will return to a bed bug-free home. No hotels, no dangerous chemicals, just success.

If your home has bed bugs, call the pros here at Aiken. Our pest technicians are not only friendly but also pros at what they do. Whatever your pest needs are, we have your solution with our effective bed bug control service, it’s our guarantee.