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What To Expect During Your Termite Treatment


Termites, these small pests can cause a lot of damage to homes and buildings by continuously tunneling through and feeding on structural wood. Termites are rarely seen by people, but their damages have a huge effect on people’s stress levels and bank accounts. Throughout the entire United States, these wood-consuming pests are responsible for over five billion dollars worth of damages annually, that’s right we said FIVE BILLION! But, as bad as termites are, there is some good news when it comes to these destructive pests, there are highly effective solutions to eliminate a current termite infestation and prevent the stress of a future termite infestation from occurring!

The termite professionals here at Aiken Pest Control want to take you through the process of treating a termite infestation; we want to explain how effective and stress-free the whole process can truly be. To begin, Aiken’s experienced termite control professionals provide a thorough inspection of your property looking for signs of termites, their damages, and conditions around your property that may be attracting them. Based on our inspection, we’ll recommend the termite solution that would suit your needs and most importantly, eliminate your property’s termite infestation. At Aiken, we offer two solutions to termites The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ and Termidor®.

Aiken Pest Control highly recommends Sentricon® with Always Active™, to not only completely get rid of an infestation, but as a way to prevent a future termite infestation as well. What you can expect by choosing Sentricon® with Always Active™, the No. 1 brand in termite protection, is listed below!

  • After an inspection of your property for signs of termites, we will place Sentricon® with Always Active™ stations containing Recruit HD discreetly in the soil around your home or structure. The termites will immediately begin feeding on the bait. Consuming the bait and introducing it to the colony ends the colony's ability to eat, and breed and so, of course, it ends their ability to survive.
  • After the complete elimination of the current colony/infestation, the stations remain on your property. Our professionals will then monitor the bait stations as needed to protect your home or structure against future termite invasions.
  • We will perform an annual inspection and maintenance.

By partnering with Sentricon® with Always Active™ and Aiken Pest Control your property will become and ALWAYS remain free of highly destructive termites.

We can also effectively control a termite infestation through the use of Termidor®. Termidor is the most effective liquid termiticide available today and provides customers with the peace of mind of knowing that a termite infestation treated with Termidor will be eliminated. When termites come into contact with Termidor, they ingest it and infect every termite they come into contact with. Termidor is slow-acting which means that it provides the chance for a wide range of termites to come into contact with the product, very effectively killing entire colonies!

Contact the termite control professionals found at Aiken Pest Control today, we would love to work with you and provide you with a complete termite inspection. After the inspection, we will team up to determine which effective and easy treatment option is best for you and your property to eliminate and control highly damaging termites. By working together we can ensure that your home and wallet won’t be negatively affected by termites again!