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How Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work


One of the fastest-growing pest-related issues here in the United States is the bed bug. These tiny pests have made a huge comeback over the past decade or so, and they have found their way into almost every city and town in every state of the union. When bed bugs invade, the emotional scars can run deep, and it is sometimes hard to know exactly what to do. Many solutions claim to be ‘the one’ that you need, but DIY products typically leave you both frustrated and disappointed. The most effective solution to a bed bug infestation involves hiring a trusted pest control professional who can utilize heat to eliminate bed bugs. What makes heat the best choice for your bed bug infestation?

Did you know that heat is one of the most effective and environmentally responsible ways to eliminate bed bugs from your home or business, but it can also be one of the most dangerous if it is attempted by a novice? Understanding how bed bug heat treatments work can eliminate any trepidation that you may feel about using heat in your home or business.

When you need to eliminate bed bugs quickly, heat should be your choice. In most cases, heat treatments take only one day, and they typically only require a single treatment. Heat will penetrate the deepest and most impossible-to-reach areas of your home or business and eliminate all the bed bugs in any stage of development – eggs, nymphs, and adults. Heat is effective, and it doesn’t require the use of chemicals.

You have certainly heard the story of some person who attempted to heat their home or business to eliminate bed bugs but wound up burning down their building instead. You will notice, however, that when this has happened, the heat treatment was done by a property owner without any experience or training. When you choose the bed bug experts here at Aiken Pest for your bed bug heat treatment, you can be assured that the technician who is overseeing your heat treatment is highly trained and experienced. Our technicians will utilize specialized mobile heating units that maintain a constant temperature between 120 and 135 degrees, which is hot enough to kill all stages of bed bugs while keeping your home and your belongings safe. Your property will be continuously monitored to ensure its safety during the entire process, and our services are guaranteed to work.

To learn more about heat treatments, K-9 inspections, conventional services, or any of our other effective pest control options, contact Aiken Pest today.