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The Best Way To Keep Centipedes In Aiken At Bay

a centipede crawling in a home

Insects are some of the most varied and abundant types of animals on the planet. We encounter thousands of different species in our lifetime, and some can look quite alien-like especially centipedes. These many-legged creatures look like something straight out of Star Trek, but they are quite common in muggy climates like ours. Only proper pest control in Aiken can fully keep these pesky insects away from your property. Learn how Aiken Pest Control can help you avoid centipedes, millipedes, and other home-invading bugs in Aiken.

What’s The Difference Between Centipedes And Millipedes?

People often confuse centipedes and millipedes in Aiken. They are both long-bodied bugs with multiple legs but possess key differences. To determine the differences between centipedes vs. millipedes, look at these traits:

  • Legs: While their name can make it sound like they have 100 or even 1,000 legs, centipedes and millipedes get their names from their different sets of legs. Centipedes have longer legs and just one pair per body segment, while millipedes have two pairs per segment and generally shorter pairs.
  • Shape: Millipedes have hard, round-topped shells that protect their bodies, while centipedes do not. This is often the most telltale difference between these two similar pests.
  • Predator vs. Prey: Millipedes are not venomous, though they do have a secretion that can harm their prey and irritate your skin if you come into contact with it. Centipedes, on the other hand, are venomous, and while they don’t bite humans, they are considered to be higher up on the food chain.

No matter which of these pests is invading your property, you’ll want to take care of the infestation quickly before these pests can attract other, larger pests to your home.

Why You Don’t Want Centipedes Or Millipedes Hanging Around Your Home

Both centipedes and millipedes in Aiken are predominantly garden pests. They like to hunt smaller insects in and around plants, but they will also eat vegetables and leaves. Garden millipedes are particularly known for chewing up the plants you work hard to grow in your garden. While they aren’t much of a threat to people, their potentially toxic bodies can cause skin irritation or lead to potential health problems when pets try to eat them.

However, the biggest reason you’ll want to address centipedes quickly is that they will attract other kinds of pests to your home. These insects are hunted by birds, destructive rodents like shrews, and other predatory invaders. To have the centipede population on your property dealt with quickly and completely, turn to Aiken Pest today.

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Centipedes In Your Home

When dealing with pests, it’s always better to prevent them from invading than react to a pest problem that's already there. There are several housekeeping activities you can do to try to reduce your risk of a centipede infestation in Aiken.

Here are a few tips we recommend trying:

  1. Landscaping: Yards with overgrown grass and bushes provide natural cover to insects hunted by birds and other predators, so they will be attracted to these kinds of properties first and foremost. To avoid this, keep your grass trimmed short and practice proper landscaping maintenance.
  2. Debris: Just trimming your yard isn’t enough. You also have to clear out any debris so you aren’t leaving attractive nesting piles of vegetation around for these pests.
  3. Moisture Control: Centipedes and millipedes are both drawn to damp areas and will often be found in areas of a home where water pools or hangs in the air. Taking steps to address moisture can help deter these moisture-seeking pests.
  4. Access Points: Centipedes will often get into basements through cracks in your foundation or other access points found around exterior walls. Regularly inspect and repair these areas to avoid centipede break-ins.
  5. Treatments: The best way to repel centipedes and other pests without having to keep up with all the other factors mentioned here is by getting started with professional pest control treatments for your Aiken home and yard.

Aiken Pest Control can help you address all of these factors, so turn to us right away if you notice centipedes, millipedes, or other kinds of bugs crawling around.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Centipedes Out Of My Home And Garden?

If you find centipedes in your house, it’s most likely because they’ve been successfully living in your garden for weeks. While some store-bought house centipede repellents can provide temporary relief from the problem, the only way to truly keep them out is with the comprehensive approach of your local pest control provider. At Aiken Pest, we provide treatments against a wide range of garden pests, helping you address all the factors that might leave your home vulnerable to them. Don’t bother with DIY methods or expensive products that may not work. Turn to the trusted services of Aiken Pest Control today to deal with centipedes and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Aiken.