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Get True Termite Control For Your Springfield Home

a termite soldier up close

Silently feasting on the most vulnerable parts of a home, these six-legged insects are some of the most nefarious in all of South Carolina. Termites resemble ants in many ways, sporting a similar-sized head, thorax, and abdomen. Yellow, red, black, and tan colored species measure between a fourth to a half-inch long in length. A pair of strong mandibles can be visibly seen on each variety, from dastardly subterranean termites to common drywood termites. These destructive insects follow a closely regulated caste system, which includes workers, soldiers, and alate termites.

Worker termites are smaller than their companions, operating at the bottom of the food chain. Using their powerful mandibles and larger frames, soldier termites protect their weaker brethren by attacking encroaching enemies. Finally, winged termite alates are egg-laying reproductives that eventually become kings and queens of new colonies.

Identifying a termite infestation in your home begins with identifying termite alates, or swarmers before they establish themselves. If swarmers become visible in or near the home, an infestation may already be underway.

Other signs of home infestation may include:

  • Patches of what resembles water damage
  • Frass, or wood shavings, in piles around the home
  • Mud tunnels branching on foundation walls
  • Weak, hollow, or sagging walls

If infestations are not quickly managed, termite presence may lead to a host of expensive property damage.

The Dangers Of A Dangerous Termite

Termites cause an immense amount of damage every year, costing homeowners over five billion dollars annually in the United States alone. What’s more, many insurance companies will not cover repairs related to termite activity, often trapping homeowners between a rock and a hard place.

Ruined structures, weakened roofs, and hollowed floors are just some of the issues a mature termite infestation can cause. Preventative pest control through a reliable company like Aiken Pest Control is the best initial defense against termites, year-round.

Reduce Your Risks With Aiken Pest Control

When an infestation is caught in the early stages of development, homeowners can be tempted to try to remove termite colonies themselves. After all, there’s nothing a little over-the-counter bait can’t fix, right? Wrong.

Without the assurance of professional termite control treatments, termite colonies can only be prevented or managed, but rarely eradicated. For the world-class treatments you need at the price point you deserve, call the friendly operatives at Aiken Pest Control. We deliver outstanding service to South Carolina residents all year long.

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