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Aiken's Step-By-Step Fall Pest Prevention Guide

a rain gutter full of leaves

When temperatures start to drop, insects and other critters try to get into our homes. While it might seem like those dropping temperatures are to blame, there is a whole lot more to it than that. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for fall pest prevention in Aiken, along with an explanation of why these steps are important.

1. Leaf Cleanup

When leaves start falling from the trees, they create a covering on your property that is highly attractive to pests. Leaves provide shade, trap moisture, and give a wide variety of bugs a food source—one of those food sources is each other. Raking leaves is essential to pest control. Why? Because it reduces pest activity near your home. Fewer pests near your home will result in fewer pests accidentally getting into your home when temperatures drop.

2. Secure Trash

Many pests get into the trash. Some even breed in the trash. Unsecured trash will increase pest activity near your home. So will the smell of trash. It is important to keep your receptacles clean, especially in the fall when the risk of unwanted pest entry increases.

3. Seal Your Walls

There is no way to completely seal your foundation and exterior walls to prevent all pests from getting inside. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Most pests get in by accident. They don't look at your home and think, "That looks like a nice place to live." They find a gap or crack and explore it. Fall is a vital time to seal exterior entry points. Some common trouble spots are:

  • Door sweeps
  • Weatherstripping
  • Window and door frames
  • Screens
  • Foundation cracks
  • Gaps about pipes
  • Gaps around wire conduit
  • Unprotected weep holes
  • Holes created by pests that destroy wood
  • Broken window panes

4. Reduce Interior Food

You would probably be surprised by how many pests will get into your home looking for food, and go back out without any incident when they don't find it. A good example is how a scout ant can find an apple left by a child behind a couch and invite thousands of ants to come into the home from an exterior nest. If enough food sources are found, those ants might even create a satellite nest in the walls of the home. The last thing you want is to give pests a reason to stay in your home.

  • Vacuum frequently.
  • Clean spills up quickly.
  • Remove kitchen trash weekly.
  • Keep surfaces clean.
  • Put pet food down only during meals.
  • Put fruit in the fridge instead of on display.
  • Consider putting stored food in sealed containers.
  • Put dishes in soapy water till you have time to wash them.

5. Application Of Control Products

The tips so far have been for deterrence. They can be categorized as controlling harborage options in your yard, removing exterior food attractants, removing entry points, and reducing interior food options. These can have a dramatic impact on whether or not you'll have a fall infestation. But there is no better way to keep your home pest-free than through the application of pest control products. If you invest in a pest control plan for your home, you'll get the best control possible. You'll have routine inspections, pest maintenance, an application of products that repel and eliminate pests, and many other beneficial services. It pays to have an educated and experienced pest professional bolstering your defenses, especially during the fall.

If you live in the Aiken area, contact Aiken Pest Control to establish pest service for your home. This is the best time of year to do it. Bugs, rodents, and other wildlife will soon start trying to get into your home. We can help you keep them out.