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How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Aiken, SC Yard

a yellow jacket crawling on a picnic table

You have every right to be afraid of wasps in Aiken. Although they're not as malicious as many people believe, wasps are dangerous insects. They can trigger an allergic reaction and put someone in harm's way. Even if no one in your home has an allergy to wasp venom, they could disturb a nest and you could experience multiple stings at one time. If you don't want someone to get hurt on your watch, you need to take measures to keep wasps away from your property.

The Wasps Of Aiken

So, which wasps pose a threat to you? In Aiken, there are only a few common species of wasps. The bald-faced is one example, and it's identifiable by its black and white body. Although this wasp is related to the yellow jacket, it has a stouter body and tends to be larger.

You might come across a yellow jacket, which has distinct yellow and black stripes. Sometimes the body has white as well on it. While most wasps in Aiken don't sting without being prompted, yellow jackets are an exception. They don't need a reason to sting and tend to harass property owners. If you're trying to spend time outside, yellow jackets could prevent you from enjoying yourself.

The cicada killer is another local wasp. As a solitary wasp, the cicada killer doesn't pose too much of a threat. Only one wasp and its offspring live in a nest. The biggest problem with cicada killers is that they build nests in the ground. They may destroy your lawn. However, like all wasps, cicada killers can still sting. Whichever wasps you have in your Aiken yard, you should take measures to keep them away.

Deterring Wasps From Your Property

If you don't want to experience wasps on your property, you need to take certain measures. Wasps are attracted to flowering plants, so you may want to keep your garden far from your outdoor living spaces. At the very least, make sure you don't have too many flowers. It's also beneficial to incorporate plants that deter wasps, like lemongrass and clove.

Wasps also are drawn to sugary drinks and food. Although you might enjoy soda and cake at a picnic, you're not the only one who will want to dine. Wasps could be lingering nearby, so it's essential to keep your food and drinks covered or to enjoy them in a screened-in area.

If you have holes in your siding or space under your eaves, wasps could build nests. You might not have trouble with wasps if you seal up those openings and make building a nest difficult. Instead of nesting in your home, wasps may go elsewhere.

Staying Safe From Wasps In Aiken

There's no foolproof way to make sure wasps stay away from your home. You could follow all of the tips above and still experience trouble with wasps. At any time, you might find a wasp nest on your property.

When you do find a nest, don't try to take matters into your own hands. Wasp nest removal is a hazardous task and could easily result in a bad outcome. Rather than take the risk, call an experienced professional to handle your wasp trouble. They can safely remove a nest and come up with a plan to protect your property.

Here at Aiken Pest Control, you can rely on us to keep wasps away and remove a nest from your Aiken property. Our team knows the way to safely eliminate all wasps, and we get the job done quickly.

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