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Why Call Aiken For Mosquito Problems In South Carolina

Aiken tech treating shrubs for mosquitoes

All over the United States, mosquitoes in summer can be a real headache. The same is true here in South Carolina. And these tiny, annoying insects can be extremely difficult to control.

What Makes Mosquitoes Difficult To Treat?

Mosquitoes can breed and lay eggs in puddles as small as water held in the palm of your hand, meaning you could have multiple locations on your property that may be a host to dozens of mosquitoes without you even knowing it. Of course, you can always try to reduce the number of areas of stagnant water on your property, but no one can get rid of every possible breeding spot. Another thing that makes mosquitoes so difficult to get rid of is that there are simply so many of them, meaning if you eliminate hundreds, there may still be several thousand more within the confines of your property.

Why Professional Mosquito Services Is So Effective

Being bitten by a mosquito is never fun, especially when you have to deal with the frustration of an itchy red welt on your skin for several days. While covering up and using bug repellant when you head outdoors is beneficial, it won’t provide you with the amount of protection that a mosquito control plan would. Professional mosquito control is both safe for you and the environment around your property, while effectively eliminating and repelling mosquitoes from your yard.

How Aiken Deals With Mosquitoes

When you contact Aiken Pest Control to treat your property for mosquitoes, we can assure you that your home is in great hands. We don’t just come and spray everything down haphazardly as some other pest control providers do. Instead, we first inspect your property to identify the most mosquito-prone areas, including possible breeding sites, resting sites, and the conditions in which mosquitoes thrive. Once these problem locations have been identified, our licensed pest control specialists will provide effective treatments that focus on these locations around the exterior of your home. This fast-acting treatment dries quickly to keep your property running smoothly while efficiently deterring both mosquitoes and ticks as well. During each of the months that mosquitoes are most active (April-October), we will return to make sure mosquitoes stay far from your home.

If you’re ready for a mosquito-free summer, contact Aiken today!