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Are Rodents In South Carolina Dangerous?

a norway rat in south carolina

Where is the fine line between pet and pest when it comes to rodents? We believe it all comes down to one thing, containment. If a mouse or rat is kept in a comfortable cage and only let out under direct supervision, they can be amazing pets. In this environment, they are allowed to chew on their toys, run around, and defecate in an area that can be easily cleaned. However, when rodents are allowed to venture freely inside homes, all these habits become major problems, especially if the rodent is wild.

Common Rodents In South Carolina

Here in South Carolina, we have a variety of rodent species that present challenges for homeowners. The most common of which are as follows.

  • House Mice: Known for being the most common rodents in not just South Carolina but in the United States, house mice are known for their ability to get into homes and cause problems. 2-3 inches in length, grey in color and most easily distinguished by their pink, pointed muzzles, house mice can be commonly found scurrying across kitchen floors looking for food.
  • White-footed Mice: Larger than house mice at 6-8 inches in length, white-footed mice, as their name suggests, can be identified by their white feet and underbellies. These mice can be found in attics and basements during the colder months.
  • Cotton Mice: Very similar in appearance to white-footed mice but only half the size, cotton mice are known for hiding in holes outside of homes and in basements and crawlspaces.
  • Brown Rats: Much larger than mice, growing upwards of a foot in length, brown rats can be identified by their brown/red-colored bodies and white underbellies. Known also as “sewer” rats, these filthy creatures pose a variety of problems when they invade homes.

Problems Rodents Cause

Although the above rodents are different in size and appearance, they all present a similar group of problems when they invade homes. Here are a few of the major issues they present:

  • Destructive: Rodents have ever-growing teeth that require constant gnawing to keep at a comfortable length. This pushes them to chew holes into anything and everything they come in contact with including walls, ceilings, wiring, stored items, and pipework.
  • Dangerous: Rodents are known for their ability to carry and spread a wide variety of dangerous diseases, pathogens, and parasitic worms. This makes them a danger when they invade homes.
  • Annoying: Because rodents are nocturnal by nature, it is common to hear them pitter-patter through walls and ceiling voids at every hour of the night. This disturbs sleep and can drive even the sanest person crazy given enough time.

When To Call The Professionals

It can be easy to think that rodents can be handled without professional care, but the truth is that DIY methods of rodent removal are more hassle than they are worth. Store-bought traps often don’t work, pesticides can be dangerous if not used properly, and no matter what you do (unless you can see into your ceiling and wall voids) you will never be certain if what you are doing has worked.

Here at Aiken Pest, we have the tools and experience needed to quickly and efficiently deal with rodents. If you need assistance with rodent removal, let our professionals help. To learn more about how we handle rodents or to schedule an inspection for your home, give us a call today.