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Flea Control Can Be Tough To Tackle Effectively In Aiken

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Flea control is essential for the health and well-being of your family and pets, but controlling fleas in your home can be a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, preventing flea infestations is possible with proper flea removal measures. Working with an Aiken pest control professional who has experience with flea infestations will provide the most effective and immediate results.

How To Identify A Flea Infestation

A common sign of a flea infestation is seeing small, dark insects jumping about on your pets or in your home. Fleas in Aiken are small, wingless parasites that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are typically brown-black and have flattened bodies, making them difficult to spot. Inspecting your pet for signs of fleas is the best way to determine if you have an infestation. Look for flea dirt (small black or red-brown specks that resemble pepper flakes) on their skin and fur. Additionally, signs of scratching, biting, and grooming excessively can also indicate flea activity.

If you are concerned that your home may be infested with fleas, contact a professional pest control company like Aiken Pest Control for assistance. With the right flea treatment plan and regular inspections, an infestation can be successfully eliminated. 

What Are The Health Problems A Flea Infestation Can Create?

Fleas can cause many health problems in people and pets alike. Flea bites often result in intense itching, redness, swelling, and hives. In extreme cases, they can even lead to anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) or dermatitis (skin inflammation). Additionally, fleas are known carriers of several diseases including murine typhus and cat scratch fever. Pets can suffer from tapeworms as a result of ingesting infected fleas and may develop anemia due to the large number of flea bites that they sustain. Taking steps to prevent any health issues from arising due to flea diseases will ensure that you, your family, and your pets remain healthy and happy. 

Some Household Items That Will Deter Fleas

Several household items may be used to deter fleas.  Here are a few of the most common ones used by homeowners:

  • Essential oils can be used to repel insects like fleas and ticks. Common essential oils used for pest control include lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, lemongrass, and peppermint. 
  • Garlic is also a great natural repellent for certain types of insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.  Boil garlic cloves in water and spray around doorways and windows.
  • Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that can be sprinkled around the house to deter fleas, ticks, and other crawling pests. 
  • Cayenne pepper can be used to repel a wide range of pests. Mix some with water and spray the affected area to get rid of insects like fleas or ants. 

Household items are limited in their ability to combat flea infestations. They may help somewhat in keeping fleas away, but you can’t get rid of fleas with these items if you have an existing issue. Call a professional, like Aiken Pest Control, that can provide a guaranteed solution to your flea problem. 

The Trick To Total Flea Control For Your Home

The key to total flea control for your home is to take a multi-pronged approach. This includes preventing, treating, and eliminating existing fleas, as well as their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Aiken Pest Control is a full-service pest control company that has protected homes from a variety of pests for over 50 years. We offer affordable and convenient year-round pest protection services that are fully guaranteed. We are also a member of The National Pest Management Association.

Contact us today; we’ll start with an initial inspection and develop a comprehensive plan for your Aiken home immediately.