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Five Signs Your Aiken Home Has A Cockroach Problem

cockroach crawling on pipe in basement

Most people never want to think about cockroaches. Between the stories about them being able to live for a week without their heads, surviving freezing weather, and their creepy appearance, they are one of the most hated pests among homeowners. You probably don’t think about cockroaches in your home either. That is until you turn a light on in the middle of the night and see a small shadow scurry for the corner. Now suddenly you're wondering if you're seeing things or if your Aiken, SC home has a cockroach problem. Read on to learn more about cockroaches, including five signs that could mean you have a cockroach problem.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches aren’t just a nuisance in your home that can creep you out in the middle of the night. Roaches are also a major health concern. They have been found to trigger allergy and asthma attacks and these reactions can be increased in young children and the elderly. Aside from allergies and asthma, disease is a big concern with a cockroach infestation. Roaches are known to spread at least 33 types of bacteria, including salmonella and E.coli. They can also spread six types of parasitic worms and seven other dangerous human pathogens.

Signs You Have A Roach Problem

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that are usually found in dark places in your home. These areas include basements, crawlspaces, cabinets, pipes, and sewers. Because of this, it is rare to see a live roach in your home, even if you have an infestation. Look for these five signs that could point to a cockroach infestation in your home without ever seeing a live roach:

  • Droppings: Cockroach droppings resemble mouse droppings. They are usually found in dark areas that roaches frequently, like cabinets.
  • Egg capsules: Egg capsules are dark-colored sacs that are around 8 mm in size. They are glued to surfaces, usually close to food sources in basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens.
  • Odor: Roaches give off a pheromone that produces a specific odor. It is usually described as musty and is especially noticeable to people with sensitive noses.
  • Shed skin: Cockroaches will molt, or shed their skin, between five and eight times before they reach maturity. You will likely notice the shed skins before you see a roach.
  • Smear marks: Cockroaches will leave dark, irregularly shaped smear marks on walls or baseboards as they crawl through your home. These can also be found on horizontal surfaces and at the base of the wall where it meets the floor.  

What To Do About Roaches

When it comes to dealing with a cockroach problem in your Aiken home, you can try a DIY approach. You can buy some traps, put out some bait, and spray some bug killer where you have seen roaches before. You’ll probably see some cockroaches in your trap, and you may notice a few more dead roaches around the house. But even with that, how will you know if you solved the problem?

The best way to deal with a roach infestation in your home is to call the professionals at Aiken Pest Control. Serving the Aiken area since 1967, our trained technicians can help handle any pest problem you have, including cockroaches. We'll start with a free inspection to identify pest issues, like roaches, both inside and outside your home. We'll then recommend a treatment plan that includes dealing with the current issue and includes quarterly follow-up service to keep your home safe and free of roaches and other insects.