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Why You Should Call The Professionals About Wasp Nests In Your Aiken Yard

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

Many Aiken residents would like to think of their yard as a haven for relaxation. Taking a nap in a hammock, reading on a porch swing, having a picnic, or listening to music while laying out is a nice idea. However, it might remain an idea if antagonizing pests are swarming about. There are plenty of flying insects that can bite, sting, or irritate you. Some can transmit disease, and/or send you to the hospital.

Wasps are probably the largest group of stinging bugs, including bees and several subspecies. Their pricks can result in emergency room visits and fatalities. On top of that, some types can wreck your property and belongings. While these critters sustain the environment by pollination and eating other insects, humans don’t want them near. You can learn which wasps are prevalent in the area and why you need to contact Aiken Pest for help.

The Appearance, Behavior, & Risks of Aiken Wasps

Honey bees and paper wasps are pretty common in the region. Honey bees are a little over half an inch long. They have yellow and black stripes on their brown or black oval bodies. Springtime is their peak period of activity, though they don’t ever hibernate. Nectar and pollen are what they consume most of the time. As their name implies, they generate liquid sugar and honey. Using their gland wax, they build substantial hives. Their stings are painful and cause itching and redness. Some individuals may experience allergic reactions to their venom. Some symptoms are nausea and fainting. Death is possible in extreme cases.

Paper wasps are around an inch long. They have dark brown bodies with black wings and yellow markings. They will set up shop in sheltered spots, like eaves, window sills, foundation voids, and door frames. Honey bees may use gland wax for their creations, but these bugs utilize their spit and plant matter. As their name hints, their nests will look similar to paper. Their stings also lead to pain and potential allergic responses.

Generally, worker wasps have a lifespan of a few weeks or months, while queens can survive for years. All can strike multiple times, increasing the chances of a critical medical outcome.

Wasp Prevention Techniques

For wasps to stay at bay, you’ll have to ensure your lawn isn’t attractive to them. This means doing your best landscaping and exterior maintenance. Here are the specific tasks you’ll have to perform:

  • Distance greenery several feet away from exterior doors.
  • Trim and groom plants, flowers, and shrubbery regularly.
  • Keep your grass cut and your yard clean. Discard debris.
  • Wash your gutters and vents frequently.
  • Use an airtight canister for garbage.
  • Keep patios, decks, and roof eaves neat.
  • Avoid leaving food on your porch, and wipe up messes.
  • Close up gaps around foundations, windows, and doors.
  • Call Aiken Pest if you have other bugs that wasps eat.

Aiken Pest Wasp Extermination

Never attempt to remove wasp nests independently. The dangers are too great to go whacking one with a broom or handling one directly. A nest may seem inactive, but an insect could still be inside. Let our expert technicians at Aiken Pest do the dirty work. They have the skills to get rid of a wasp’s home and make sure there’s no resurgence.
We offer a wide array of services so that you have maximum coverage. Our control programs consist of treatments for over 30 local pests, year-round applications, and thorough inspections. All of our solutions are specially designed; each critter issue needs to be handled with precision. We assure you our products are safe for humans, pets, and lawns. Protect your outdoor peace!

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