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Warning About Feeding Birds In Aiken

a pigeon landing

Mary Poppins might be known for giving excellent advice. But you certainly shouldn’t feed the birds – unless you’re ready for some major problems.

Many types of pest birds plague the Aiken area, but sparrows and pigeons are considered the worst. Not only do these feathery creatures make a huge mess while eating and nesting, but they are known for spreading diseases that can sometimes be fatal. These include Lyme disease, bird flu, and Trichomoniasis as well as strains of bacteria like salmonella and certain parasites. Feeding birds on your property not only allows birds to remain on the site, but it will encourage nesting as well.

The costs associated with property damage from pest birds have skyrocketed. Nesting birds can damage ventilation systems, degrade roof quality, effect AC function, and even make a building more prone to fires. Left untreated, pest birds can create long-term and far-reaching problems for homeowners and business owners alike.

The Many Factors Of Aiken Pest Birds 

Birds are an ever-present reality in Aiken, but certain factors will attract them to homes:

  • Offering food or encouraging the feeding of birds on or around the property. 
  • Opened garbage cans or easy-access dumpsters. 
  • Standing water and tall trees.

Not all of the above factors are removable or easily mitigated. To make properties less attractive to pest birds such as pigeons and sparrows, follow these simple guidelines: 

  • Never feed birds in places you don’t want them to be. 
  • Keep garbage cans covered and food kept in areas where birds cannot gain access to them. 
  • Trim shrubbery and remove standing water sources as much as possible.

If pest birds have already moved onto the property, preventative measures will be less effective. Contact a professional removal company such as Aiken Pest Control to begin the removal process.

De-Nest To De-Stress 

When you’re busy running a business or keeping a household, pigeons, and sparrows should be the least of your worries. If you’re concerned about the presence of pest birds on your property and how they might affect your life, call Aiken Pest Control today for effective wildlife management. 

With safe, effective, and humane treatments, Aiken is proud to have helped with the removal of thousands of unwanted birds across South Carolina. Our fast-acting preventative treatments ensure that pests of all kinds stay clear of a property. For a free and no-obligation inspection, reach out to our helpful team today. Don’t wait until your bird infestation creates even more problems. 

Contact Aiken today.