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Jingle Bugs: A Comprehensive Guide To Holiday Pest Management For Aiken Homes

a house spider crawling in a home

It is about that time of year. As we get closer and closer to Christmas, more and more bugs will be trying to get into your home. If you are not prepared, you could find a pest problem under your tree this holiday season. This is something we would like to help you avoid.

If you have never taken a moment to think about the different types of pests that might invade your Aiken home, here are some things to consider this season. Call Aiken Pest Control, Inc. if you would like our help handling invasive creatures. We will make sure your home is protected and provide advanced home pest control options to keep you safe and sane this holiday season.

Santa's Little Helpers: Common Holiday Pests To Watch Out For

If there was such a thing as Santa’s Workshop, it would most likely have a pest problem. This is because there are no quality pest control providers in the North Pole. All jokes aside, there are many insects, rodents, and other common pests that like to invade homes during the holiday season. Some species you should be concerned about are rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish. Each of these creatures invades homes to seek out food, moisture, and places to hide.

Spiders are the only local pests that do not need the warmth of buildings to survive. They invade to hunt for other pests like cockroaches, flies, and ants. If you would like help identifying a pest infestation inside your home or are curious to know what types of pests are on your property, let us know.

Decking The Halls Without Inviting Pests: Pre-Holiday Preparation

One common way pests get into homes during the holiday season is by stowing away inside boxes of decorations. This is the case for rodents, silverfish, and spiders. Now, if your Christmas decorations have rodents inside of them, you might know rather quickly, as they might scurry out of holes and try to escape. Silverfish and spiders are a bit more quiet.

We highly recommend carefully checking boxes before you take them out of storage. If you find any pests, deal with them before you decorate your home. If you need our help, give us a call and ask about our pest control offerings. 

Pest-Free Cooking For Festive Feasts: Holiday Kitchen Hygiene

Pests like to invade homes that offer opportunities for food. The cleaner your living areas are this holiday season, the less likely you are to find pests indoors. Here are some general cleaning and food storage tips to consider:

  • Store all of your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside air-tight containers.
  • Make sure all of your trash cans have tight-fitting lids, and clean your bins when they get dirty.
  • Address food messes and moisture spills when they occur.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy.

Bring in our team at Aiken Pest Control, Inc. if you want to know about our prevention and control services.

Pest-Free Holidays Made Easy: Professional Pest Control

If you want to spend your holiday season without pests, we are here to help. Our team at Aiken Pest Control, Inc. is equipped and ready to assist you with any bug, rodent, or other home invader that might cause you stress.

With just one visit, we will find out what you are dealing with and utilize quick control methods to get rid of and prevent all sorts of common pest problems.

Call Aiken Pest Control, Inc. today to learn more about pest control in Aiken and find a service that works best for your home and property.