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Top Mosquito Prevention Tips


Swat! Wiggle. Sway. Swat! Jiggle. Sway. Sound familiar? Have you ever been somewhere that was teeming with mosquitoes? If so, you've probably done this dance before. Hopefully, you don't have to do it every time you want to enjoy your backyard. If so, here are some tips that should help.

The Best Of The Best Mosquito Tips:

  • Have you ever noticed that a good breeze will keep mosquitoes away? This is because mosquitoes are weak flyers. If you don't have a breeze in your backyard, make one. Setting up a fan or two where you're going to be relaxing in the sun will not only keep you cooler, it will help you keep mosquitoes off of you as well.
  • There is a fact about mosquitoes that everyone should know, but only a few do. Mosquitoes don't usually travel far from where they are birthed. An average mosquito isn't likely to fly more than 300 yards from its place of origin. For this reason, the mosquitoes that are biting you in your yard probably came to life in your yard. So, reducing breeding sites is extremely helpful in reducing bites. Look for any areas where rainwater isn't dried up quickly after it rains, puddles are allowed to form, or rainwater is allowed to collect. It only takes a cup of water for mosquitoes to breed. By reducing wet areas and standing water, you'll reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.
  • If you've reduced the mosquitoes you're producing in your yard, this next tip will help you reduce the number of mosquitoes that come into your yard from your neighbor's yard. Studies have shown that bug zappers are an attractant for mosquitoes but do little, or nothing, to control mosquitoes that bite. If you find mosquitoes in your bug zapper, those are likely male mosquitoes, which do not bite people. When female mosquitoes are lured into your yard by a zapper, they are more focused on getting a blood meal. They need blood to breed and to survive. Consider putting that zapper in storage.
  • Have a professional do regular treatments throughout the mosquito season. A professional will address breeding sites, even sites that cannot be removed, like a pond, or a bird bath. A professional will also treat hiding places where your neighbor's mosquitoes wait for a blood meal. And, when a professional reduces mosquito populations in your yard, there will be fewer mosquitoes that will leave your yard and breed in your neighbor's yard.

Take your yard back. Get ongoing mosquito abatement from Aiken Pest Control and stop the cycle today.