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What Is Causing All These Fungus Gnats

fungus gnats on yellow strip in planter

Are they fungus gnats or are they fruit flies? This is a good question because fungus gnats are commonly mistaken for everyday fruit flies, though there is a difference between the two. Here is some information about fungus gnats that can help you figure out what is causing your infestation.

Fungus gnat adults are frail and live only a short time, typically only 3-10 days. They are very small, only about 1/8 of an inch in length. Their bodies are black or dark grey, they are slim, have long legs, and antennae. Their wings are smoky grey and sport a Y pattern on the back of them. Adult fungus gnats will commonly be drawn to damp rotting mulch, compost piles, and old stacks of wood and debris. They can also be found in moist wood, walls, and roofs. Their larvae are worm-like and translucent and can be found feeding on fungi and roots in moist soil. While they are there they can do a lot of damage to your plants.

These pests are not harmful to people and are not known to sting or bite. They can, however, damage the roots of a variety of plants and seedlings. Fungus gnats are also extremely annoying to have inside your home and should be dealt with rather quickly. Fungus gnat spends most of their lives in the larva and pupa stage, that’s where you should target your prevention efforts. Most of this prevention will lie in limiting the number of excessive water sources and organic vegetation in and around your home:

  • Avoid over-watering and provide good drainage
  • Allow plants to dry between watering
  • Remove standing water sources
  • Repair any leaky pipes
  • Make sure you use only completely composted organic materials
  • Do not over-fertilize or use excessive amounts of blood meal in your plants
  • Eliminate debris piles

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