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When You Should Turn To A Wildlife Control Professional

raccoon in yard

Raccoons might look cute and innocent with their little black mask over their eyes and fuzzy body, but when raccoons get into your home they can cause a world of trouble. Raccoons passing through your yard or neighborhood are harmless, and there isn’t much you can do about them. But once they start getting into your trash, eating your dog’s food, or worse yet, getting into your home, then they can cause issues. Raccoons in your home are not something to deal with on your own; there are professional wildlife control experts who should be called to deal with a raccoon problem.

Raccoons aren’t easily frightened or scared off, which means they will come right up on your deck and eat your dog’s food or climb up on a bird feeder for a treat. They will forage for food in trash cans or compost bins. They can get inside your home and are usually found either in your attic space or chimney. These places provide protection from natural predators as well as a place to raise their young safely.

When raccoons become comfortable enough to come near your home, around your pets and explore your trash, they become more than a nuisance, they become dangerous. Raccoons can carry rabies and distemper, both of which are dangerous for both your family and your pets.

Raccoons, when they get into your home can chew and dig through tiles, siding and trim to get into your attic to nest. They will tear apart your insulation and can do a lot of damage. Not only that, but they leave their droppings behind which are not just messy but can carry disease.

Homeowners should not try to trap or remove raccoons from their homes themselves. The wildlife experts at Aiken Pest Control know how to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property and relocate them properly with our wildlife control service. They will come out and do an inspection and determine entry points to provide a plan to remedy the problem so that you can prevent wildlife from entering your home again. Do not take raccoons lightly, they can be very dangerous and should be removed from your property as quickly as possible.

Contact us to begin the process of removing raccoons from your property.