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Why Flea Infestations Are Best Left To The Pros

cat flea crawling on fabric

You may already know that fleas are small wingless parasites that feed on warm-blooded animals and humans but did you know that this time of year is the peak time for flea infestations? You may even be experiencing flea activity in your home this summer already! The warm, humid climate in our area creates the perfect environment for fleas, but once they find a host, they will go wherever the host goes and make themselves right at home, which often leads to fleas being introduced to homes on our pets.

Fleas can also get inside our homes on shoes, clothing, and other items as well as by jumping through the doorway if the door is left open for too long as these tiny pests are capable of jumping up to seven inches. Fleas can multiply rapidly, especially if there is a household of hosts for them to choose from.

Their mouthparts pierce the skin, allowing them to feed on the blood of their victims and as they feed, they cause tiny bites that can be extremely itchy and irritating. Flea bites are especially problematic for pets as they will bite and scratch at them, making the problem worse by causing raw spots, hair loss, and secondary infections.

One of the reasons flea infestations are so difficult to get rid of is that when they are in their pupal state, they encase themselves in a cocoon that can last up to twenty weeks, and these cocoons are resistant to most flea removal treatment methods. As a result, it can be nearly impossible to eliminate all the fleas in every stage of development.

Other than your pet showing signs of bites, open sores, and excessive biting and scratching, you may find white rice-like pieces in their feces which could be tapeworms that can be carried by the fleas or dark specks of dried blood on your pet's body that is commonly described as “flea dirt”.

The best protection for your pet is administering a flea-preventative product prescribed by your veterinarian. You should also seek professional flea control at the first sign of a flea infestation to help your pets avoid fleas, tapeworms, anemia, and itchy bites.

Though fleas are primarily viewed as a problematic pest for our pets, they can also present health threats to humans! As we mentioned before, fleas are carriers of parasitic tapeworms which can infect humans, especially young children. They can also spread diseases such as tularemia, and murine typhus. Flea bites, feces, and saliva can also cause allergic reactions in both humans and pets.

The professionals at Aiken Pest Control are the best in the business when it comes to flea control! At Aiken, we know how hard it is to see the fleas that are plaguing the people and pets in our households and that treating them alone is nearly impossible, which is why we are here to help! Our professional flea control services can help solve flea problems both safely and effectively and help prevent future infestations as well. Check out our customized, comprehensive, customer-guaranteed residential pest control services and give us a call for more information about how we can get rid of your flea problems for good!