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Are Silverfish In Aiken Dangerous?

silverfish up close

Silverfish are an often forgotten pest, but when these odd-looking insects enter your household, you’ll want to get rid of them right away. Homes in Aiken, SC are especially likely to get a silverfish infestation due to the natural environment, so let’s discuss what silverfish look like and how to prevent them.

What Do Silverfish Look Like In Aiken?

Silverfish have teardrop-shaped bodies that grow between 1-2 cm. They have six short legs, body-length antennae, and a shorter tail. They also have two rear “cerci,” or antenna-like structures on their rear they use to sense what’s behind them.

Silverfish are easy to recognize because their unique characteristics are built into the name. Silverfish get their name from two things: they have a shiny, silvery color, and they tend to move in a fish-like, tapering manner.

While they survive in most habitats, silverfish much rather prefer cool, dark, damp spaces. This is why Aiken residents should prepare more than the average household: South Carolina’s humidity is perfect for silverfish, and if you keep your household air-conditioned, then silverfish are looking for a house like yours.

Are Silverfish A Problem In Aiken?

The good news: silverfish are harmless. They might look weird and alien, but they don’t pose a threat to your family – they aren’t known to carry any diseases, cause any allergies, or bite people.

The bad news: silverfish can ruin your home and belongings. These pests snack on sugars and carbs, so it’s possible to find them eating away in your pantry, insulation, books, and floorboards.

Furthermore, silverfish are annoying. These nocturnal insects will pop up around the house and scuttle away before you can catch them. Plus, since silverfish prefer cool, dark spaces, you can often find them hiding in your closet, storage space, clothes, or cabinets, giving a nasty shock to anyone who finds one.

Finally, silverfish are very hard to remove once they’ve infested your house. Their flat, small bodies are incredibly evasive, and since they only come out at night, it’s hard to spot them during the day. Sugar traps or poisons simply don’t work, since silverfish are fast, stealthy, and move around your entire house.

Silverfish Prevention Tips

Silverfish often get inside by hitchhiking on boxes or luggage, but they can also slip in through the cracks of your house. Thus, Aiken property owners need a comprehensive prevention strategy, especially since silverfish prove frustrating to get rid of. Silverfish prevention should include the following:

  • Use a dehumidifier in spaces that are dark and undisturbed, especially attics and basements. Silverfish require high humidity to survive.
  • Seal, caulk, and repaint your home’s exterior. Since silverfish are so small, they can easily squeeze inside the tiniest holes in your masonry.
  • Vacuum regularly, as this is a surefire way to suck up silverfish, as well as other pests that might be burrowing in your carpets.
  • Clean your gutters, and make sure that water drains away from your house, otherwise, you’ll create sitting pools of water that attract these pests.
  • Keep your food storage properly closed and sealed.

Although you can attempt to deter and lockout silverfish, they may still find a way inside. If you see one roaming around your house, don’t wait until you see another – reach out to the pest control professionals today at Aiken Pest Control, and we’ll immediately take care of your silverfish problem.