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The Key To Keeping German Cockroaches Out Of Your Aiken Home

close up of cockroach in basement

When people think about the different pests that can invade their homes, one of the first things that comes to mind is the cockroach. It’s also one of the last things they want to see crawling around in their cupboards and pantries. German cockroaches are the most common cockroaches in the world. Often called the “palmetto bug” here in South Carolina, they are still a prolific unwanted pest in our area.

The primary key to avoiding a German cockroach infestation in your home is good sanitation practices. Cockroaches are not picky eaters by any means. They’ll feed on any type of food, whether in your cabinets, pantries, or garbage. They will even feed on soap and glue. So, needless to say, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. 

The trouble that most people have is that no matter how hard you try, these pests seem to find their way into your home. Calling Aiken Pest Control and scheduling a German cockroach treatment plan is one of the most surefire ways to keep your mind at ease and your home pest-free. 

How To Differentiate German Cockroaches From Other Roaches In Aiken

To the untrained eye, it can be hard to determine which type of cockroach has taken up residence in your house. Proper cockroach identification is important to ensure the correct treatment is being utilized. Here are the more common types of cockroaches in our area:

  • German cockroach: This species grows from ½ to 5/8 inches in length and is a light brown to tan color. They have a distinct pair of black stripes behind their eyes that travel down their backs.
  • American cockroach: The largest of the cockroach family, it can be anywhere from 1 ¼ inch to a scary 2 1/8 inches long. They are usually reddish-brown and can have a yellow figure-eight pattern on their heads.
  • Brown-banded cockroach: These are the smallest of the cockroaches locally found in Aiken. They will average about a ½ inch in length. They are brown and have banded wings.
  • Oriental cockroach: These are shiny black, sometimes a dark reddish-brown, cockroaches that are approximately 1 inch long. They are most often seen in the northern states but have been seen in South Carolina.

Most people can be a little leery of getting close enough to examine these invaders to obtain a good cockroach identification, and I don’t blame them. Don’t hesitate to call your local Aiken pest control when in doubt.

How Are Cockroaches In Aiken Harmful To Your Health?

The presence of German cockroaches, or any other cockroach for that matter, can cause a whole host of health problems for your family. Signs of cockroach infestations should be caught as soon as possible to avert any of these symptoms or illnesses:

  • Cockroaches occupying your home can trigger asthma symptoms and allergy reactions.
  • They can introduce pathogens into your residence and spread diseases such as E. coli and salmonella, just to name a few.
  • These pests leave fecal matter and urine wherever they travel, including in your food products. They can carry a multitude of different bacteria and parasitic worms and scatter them throughout your house.

As you can see, German cockroaches can be the source of serious health issues for you and your family members. Detection and treatment for a cockroach infestation should be dealt with at its earliest stage.

How Can I Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Aiken?

There are baits, traps, and sprays commercially available to residents to attempt to control cockroaches in their homes. But why put your family at risk? If you see any signs of cockroach infestations, feel free to call Aiken Pest Control, and our professional technicians can implement the best German cockroach treatment to fit your needs and budget.