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What South Carolina Residents Need To Know About Red Imported Fire Ants

red imported fire ants on a tree

Most residents in South Carolina know how much of a nuisance red imported fire ants are and how dangerous an encounter with them can be. These dark reddish-brown colored ants are extremely aggressive and can be found throughout South Carolina due to the favorable conditions in this area that allow them to thrive, including the humid subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. This climate allows these ants to increase their populations quite rapidly and, in turn, allows them to become more problematic for South Carolina homeowners.

Though these fire ants are typically viewed as nuisance ants, they can be quite dangerous as well. These ants commonly build their large mounds in open, sunny areas. Unfortunately, these areas are also frequented by humans, so we often accidentally come into contact with these ants. When their nests are disturbed, these ants will come out in full force and deliver multiple painful stings to their victims.

Red imported fire ant stings can burn and cause raised bumps that last for hours or even days! These stings can also result in a secondary infection if the skin around the bite is broken skin due to excessive scratching. Some people are more sensitive to these stings than others, especially young children and the elderly; if they are stung, they may experience a more serious reaction and require immediate medical attention.

In addition to being extremely aggressive, these ants can also cause food contamination if they find their way inside your home through cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation or exterior walls and invade your food sources. Red imported fire ants can also gnaw on electrical cords both inside and outside your home which can create sparks that can cause dangerous house fires. They are known to cause significant damage to plants, lawns, and landscaping. These fire ants tend to invade schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and farms; when red imported fire ants invade farmland, they put livestock at risk of injury and even death!

It is a good idea for homeowners to avoid attempting any DIY treatments due to their ineffectiveness. Most DIY ant control methods are also time-consuming, dangerous, messy, and do nothing to solve fire ant problems, which is why it is best to leave dealing with fire ant infestations to the professionals. The best way to control red imported fire ants is by signing up for professional fire ant control solutions from Aiken Pest Control in South Carolina! We will customize a plan that will provide the protection needed to defend your home, family and friends from both nuisance and dangerous pests.

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