Problems Fall Wildlife Infestations Bring

October 19, 2018

The great outdoors is a beautiful thing, filled with so many amazing animals that call it home... Amazing until their place of residence changes to a more, human residence. As fall and winter approach, many of nature's creatures have relocation in mind. Birds are flying further south, bears are getting ready to hibernate, and raccoons might try climbing the shingles of our homes to gain access to our warm and cozy attics. The kicker is, there is no security deposit, and no monthly rent as raccoons go about stealing warmth and space the same way they steal garbage.

a raccoon in a tree

Threats Raccoons Bring

Although these furry bandits seem harmless enough, they are more likely to damage your home than to offer warm hugs. Raccoons are crafty pests and very often will use their hand-like paws to break into attics, garbage cans, and pretty much anywhere else they want to. This can result in some pretty considerable property damage including missing shingles, holes torn in walls, broken gutters and drains, etc. All of that is only exterior damage. Once raccoons get inside, they have been known to tear up insulation, damage air ducts, and destroy many other important features in our homes.

Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t stop there. Along with damaging our homes, raccoons pose a threat to our health as well. Raccoons have been known to carry rabies and distemper. Their feces, which is commonly left throughout the attics where they reside, can contain a variety of diseases and bacteria as well.

Here are some steps and measures you can take to deter raccoons from choosing your home:

  • Keep trash where raccoons cannot access it (In the house, shed, garage, etc.) until trash day comes.

  • If trash cans are kept outdoors, consider equipping them with animal-proof lids.

  • Remove any obvious supplies of food or water from your property. (This may include bird feeders depending on location)

  • Repair any loose or damaged siding or shingles.

  • Look for possible entry points along your roofline and have them repaired.

  • Install mesh caps to chimneys and other exposed openings found around your home.

  • Call Aiken Pest Control

If your home is under raccoon siege, or you would rather be safe than sorry, Aiken is the pest control company for you. Our wildlife control services are not only humane but are also both effective and proven. We appreciate nature when it is where it should be. This is why we use live trapping methods to ensure nature's creatures can return to where they belong. With over 5 decades of experience, you can trust Aiken to help with raccoon and other pest problems this fall and winter. Contact us today to learn more about our residential pest control options

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