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Roper & Tindall Complete Purdue University Pest Management Courses

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Aiken Pest Control wishes to recognize pest technicians O’Bryan Roper (left) and Blane Tindall (right) on their successful completion of Purdue University’s pest management continuing education courses. 

Mr. Roper completed Purdue’s Bed Bug course on the management of bed bug problems in structural situations including instruction on safe use of insecticides; the development, classification, identification of bed bugs; and chemical and non-chemical measures useful in bed bug control. O’Bryan has been with Aiken Pest Control since 2015 and is a member of Aiken Pest Control’s commercial accounts team.

Mr. Tindal completed Purdue’s Pest Control Management course, a comprehensive program on the management of insect, rodent, and other pest problems in structural situations, as well as the safe use of pesticides. Blane has been with Aiken Pest Control for 15 years and is responsible residential pest management services.

Congratulations to you both, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to protecting the health and property of our customers.

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