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paper wasp in it's nest in a south carolina attic

Quick Facts

  • Build nests that resemble umbrellas
  • Feed on nectar and pollen but will also prey on insects
  • Considered beneficial because of their pollination efforts and because they control other insect populations
  • Have painful stings that could prove dangerous to some individuals

Paper wasps are social insects that live in colonies. They get their name from the way they build their nests; out of grey, paper-like material. They often build these nests in sheltered areas such as under eaves, in door frames and attic rafters. These wasps are also occasionally referred to as umbrella wasps. These insects are usually found outside but can find their way into homes and buildings.

What do paper wasps look like?

Paper wasps are brownish in color and usually have yellow markings but they can also be found with red stripes. They are about ½” to ¾” long and have antennae and long legs. Their nests are made out of gray or brown paper-like material and have open honey combs.

Paper wasp habits and behaviors

Like many stinging insects, paper wasps live in colonies. However, paper wasp colonies are not large. Since these pests eat nectar and other insects, they can be beneficial to gardens. They are not usually aggressive but they can sting.

Are paper wasps dangerous?

Like most stinging insects, paper wasps can deliver a pretty mean sting. Not only can their sting be painful, it can also cause a serious allergic reaction. These pests do not usually sting unless they feel like their nest or themselves are being threatened. Sometimes their nests are in hidden places or areas you cannot avoid.

Does Aiken treat paper wasps?

Aiken handles all sorts of stinging insects! These pests are dangerous and should not be handled without the expertise of a professional. Paper wasps are very protective of their nests. Therefore, it can be difficult, without the proper methods and tools, to get rid of them without getting stung. Call us today for more information about paper wasp removal or any additional home pest control programs we offer!

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