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One of the most common and unavoidable pests for a business is birds in South Carolina. Not only can the waste be unsanitary and dangerous, but birds can cause damage to property and commonly carry diseases that pose health threats to employees and customers alike. Pest birds are responsible for millions of dollars in damages every year.

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What types of pest birds are most common?

There are plenty of birds that can be a nuisance to any business but two of the most common to our area are pigeons and sparrows. Pigeons are usually gray with feathers that shine pink and green in the sun. They feed mainly on seeds but they also enjoy some of the things that are common to your trash, including: bread, meat, and vegetables. Another pest bird common to this area is the sparrow. Sparrows are small, brown-gray birds with strong beaks. Sparrows are often found nesting in gutters and trees. They eat fruit, so they can be a huge nuisance to businesses that grow or sell produce.

Quick pest bird facts

  • Common pest birds include pigeons and sparrows

  • Droppings deface walkways and signs and also damage property and equipment

  • Spread diseases and may cause slips and falls

  • Some pest birds are dependent on humans for food and nesting sites

Pest bird habits and behaviors

Pest birds can do a lot of damage to your business. Not only are their droppings unsightly, but the birds themselves can cause damage to a structure. Bird droppings can cause a wooden structure to age faster, but it can also cause steel buildings to degrade. Pest birds can also cause serious damage through their nesting habits. Pest birds tend to build nests in rain gutters and drains therefore causing blockage problems in draining systems. They can also peck away at siding, equipment, and machinery.

Are pest birds dangerous?

Pest birds are not considered an immediate threat to humans but the diseases they can carry are! Their droppings can also cause fungal growth leading to diseases such as histoplasmosis. Some pest birds can cause food poisoning or even spread salmonella. Additionally, bird droppings can be slippery and cause falls outside your business.

Does Aiken get rid of pest birds?

We know how important it is to keep your business free of not only pigeons and sparrows, but other pests as well. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your business pest-free. For more information on the wildlife control services we offer to help manage pest birds, raccoons, and many other pests, contact us today!

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