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Keeping South Carolina Businesses Pest-Free This Summer

interior view of a restaurant

There is no doubt that businesses are a huge investment of time, money, and stress, especially for their owners. What some people don’t know, however, is that a company’s success relies heavily on the small details and even minor issues can have a big impact. For example, if a shipment is late, it could affect your customers by making them shop elsewhere. This same thing can happen if commercial pest control is overlooked. How can one thing make such a big difference? We'll tell you.

If a company does not have commercial pest control, the chance of their establishment becoming infested is extremely high. Some of the biggest threats include cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, stinging insects, and pest birds. Cockroaches, in particular, can become a big problem for commercial properties in South Carolina during the summer. Check out our cockroach blog to learn more about the problems they can cause.

These pests aren’t afraid to make themselves at home just about anywhere — they don’t care if it’s a food company, a clothing store, or a school. They can get in through small cracks and holes or ride inside boxes and bags. Once inside, they will feed on products, contaminate items with their urine and feces, and leave behind a trail of disease-causing bacteria that cause illnesses and allergic reactions. In addition, pests pose a significant health risk for not only customers but for employees as well!

If word gets around that a company has a pest issue, you will lose customers and potentially even workers who refuse to work in a place with pest problems. This then creates a loss of revenue and a negative reputation that may last for years. People don’t forget easily, especially when pests are involved. Even a minor “harmless” pest infestation is still bad for business.

Aiken Pest Control believes that preventative measures save businesses time, stress, and money. At Aiken Pest, we protect schools, food services, hotels, apartment buildings, and retail properties. By investing in our commercial pest control, your business receives numerous benefits such as a customized pest management program, the use of IPM strategies, comprehensive documentation, and compliance with industry regulations. We provide scheduled visits throughout the year to monitor any issues and ensure that our prevention techniques are satisfactory. With so much at stake, businesses are always better off bringing a professional on board, no matter the type of infestation or how minor it may be. Protect your investment, and contact Aiken Pest Control today!