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Don’t Let The Ants In Aiken Damage Your Home

ants crawling on a cup

If you see a couple of ants inside your home, it’s hard not to obsess over how many more there are since they live in gigantic colonies that can quickly overrun your residence. Fortunately, Aiken Pest Control provides the most effective ant control solutions to eradicate these insects from your property to reestablish your family’s peace of mind. Our highly skilled team gets right to work to resolve your pest issue as quickly as possible.

Read on to learn more about these annoying insects and how Aiken pest control professionals can help you reclaim your home as your own again.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Ants

If you have ants in your Aiken home, it’s only a matter of time before their existence is revealed. These insects will leave behind clues, like finely milled wood shavings and discarded wings. If you listen carefully, you may hear them moving about within your walls, making crinkling or rustling noises. Carpenter ants chew through the wood, making your wooden materials sound hollow when tapped. Contact a qualified ant pest control company immediately if you notice these signs.

The Dangers And Damage Ants Can Create

Have you seen ant mounds in your yard or these insects running around inside your pantry? These tiny pests have strength in numbers, and once they infiltrate your living spaces, they can damage your structures if the problem isn’t addressed soon enough. For example, black ants entering your kitchen can contaminate your eating surfaces, utensils, and food. Fire ants have been known to attack in large groups if you disturb their nest. Their stings can cause an immense amount of pain and burning. Carpenter ants eat away at your wooden structures and other materials, weakening them over time. Many homeowners don’t realize they have a Carpenter ant problem until the damage is visible.

Therefore, it behooves you to contact professional ant pest control near you to schedule a treatment service if you’ve seen these insects in or around your residence.

Simple Tips To Prevent Ants In The House

Prevention is the best deterrent if you want to avoid dealing with an ant infestation. These insects are on a relentless search to satisfy their basic needs, which include finding food, water, and shelter. Once they do, it isn’t easy to eliminate them due to the sheer size of their colonies. Take a look at some of our ant prevention tips below:

  • Close off any entry points you see in your home’s foundation
  • Eliminate water sources in and around your property
  • Clean your kitchen area, quickly wiping up food crumbs, residue, and beverage spills
  • Take out your trash before it fills up, and make sure receptacle lids fit securely
  • Store all uneaten (pet) food in tightly sealed containers

Additionally, repair any leaking pipes or faucets. Do not hesitate to contact a reputable company that provides home pest control for ants if you notice an increase in insect activity

How To Completely Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

Before you turn to an unproven do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) strategy to try to eradicate an ant infestation, understand that only experienced pest specialists have the knowledge, training, and skills to get rid of ants entirely. The average person lacks the background and education regarding pest habits and behaviors to resolve a pest problem effectively.

Since 1967, Aiken Pest Control has been providing exceptional pest management solutions to our residents in Aiken, and the surrounding areas, that have helped to maintain their peaceful, pest-free living. Our knowledgeable team is committed to delivering superior customer service that beats the competition. We offer the most advanced ant control to keep these nuisance pests away from your residence.

Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.