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When It's Time To Call About Professional Termite Control

installing termite bait station

"The summer season is in full swing and the termites have already begun building their new nests inside our homes. At this very moment, termites could be tunneling through the wood and weakening the structures of numerous homes all across the country; in just a single year, these termites can cause around five billion dollars worth of damage to structures throughout the United States!"

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Cockroaches Causing Problems In Our Kitchens

cockroach in south carolina home

"The word “cockroach” usually makes most people, homeowners especially, cringe just at the sound of it. We would all very much like to avoid cockroaches in our homes, but do we know why? Most of us simply don’t like the way they look physically…and don’t really need any more proof than that. Cockroaches are unsightly and surprisingly, they are nastier than they look. "

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