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Pharaoh Ant Prevention Tips That Work

pharaoh ant on piece of fruit

"When pharaoh ants enter a home, it is often in large numbers. It doesn't take long for thousands of ants to suddenly appear. And, if these ants are disturbed as they go about their business in your home--where they don't belong--it can make the problem worse. Pharaoh ant colonies have multiple queens and, when a threat is detected, a single colony can turn into multiple colonies through a process…"

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Powder Post Beetle Prevention Tips

powder post beetle

"What are powder post beetles? They are slender, reddish brown to black insects. They have cream-colored C shape larvae. The powder post beetle can damage seasoned hardwood that can be found in flooring, furniture, as well as structural wood. Larvae can take up to four years to develop while they live in and eat wood. If you have an infestation of these beetles, you most likely will never see them…"

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Guarding Against Tick-Borne Illnesses

tick embedded in south carolina resident

"With all of the reported cases of tick-borne illnesses lately, it’s hard not worry about ticks in our own backyards. Ticks aren’t just causing Lyme disease anymore, there are more than 10 different diseases that can be transmitted to humans by the blacklegged tick alone. The most common in humans are; anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Lyme and the Powassan virus. Common diseases from tick bites in…"

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