Rat Control Made Simple For Homeowners In Aiken

January 15, 2024

Rats are types of rodents that belong to the order Rodentia, along with mice, squirrels, and others. Rodents share a common characteristic involving their teeth. Rodents have rootless upper and lower incisors that grow continuously, which these creatures use for gnawing on a variety of things. This gnawing habit is a particular concern for homeowners who experience a rodent invasion and find that these pests are damaging wires, cables, and other property.

Have you noticed signs that suggest your home has been invaded by rats? Based on the health risks and likelihood of costly property damage, homeowners should promptly consult with an experienced provider of residential pest control in Aiken. Our team at Aiken Pest Control knows how to handle rats after years of experience.

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Signs Of Rats In The House: Identifying Rat Activity

What are some of the most common indicators of a rat problem? In some instances, property owners will hear rats rummaging through crawl spaces, interior walls, attics, or other areas at night.

Another likely indication of rats is their cylindrical droppings. As omnivores, rats will consume most of the foods humans do; thus, some homeowners will notice that rats have ravaged cupboards, pantries, and other areas where food is stored.

Once indoors, rats often begin breeding activity, as females can generate multiple litters of “pups” in a year. Here, homeowners will notice that materials inside their homes such as paper, fabric, or insulation are strewn about as rats construct nests.

Those with pets, primarily cats or dogs, will often notice that their pets behave oddly when rats have infiltrated the home.

Effective Tips To Prevent Rats On Your Property

What are some of the best rat prevention methods? Those who successfully prevent rats usually adhere to a comprehensive strategy. This typically involves limiting the presence of food (attractants), performing regular home cleaning and maintenance tasks, and implementing exclusionary measures that help to physically impede indoor entry. Consider the following examples:

  • Keep the exterior yard area free of bird feeders, fallen fruits, dog waste, and pet food or water dishes.
  • Promptly repair torn window screens and fill any external cracks with caulk or sealant.
  • Adopt excellent cleaning habits, especially in the kitchen, by promptly removing crumbs, spills, and dirty dishes.
  • Ensure that bags of trash always remain in sealed garbage receptacles that will keep these hungry pests out.

While these strategies are viable ways of preventing rat intrusions, they are not 100% infallible. Aiken-area homeowners who are facing a worsening problem with these creatures should get in touch with a qualified rat pest control company.

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

When it comes to dangerous infestations involving rats, local homeowners should seek help from the pros. Qualified providers of rat control services employ a staff of technicians who are familiar with the behavior of the kinds of rats that infiltrate homes in the Aiken area and use many of the latest rodent control products.

How Do I Prevent Rats From Coming Back?

One of the keys to preventing rats from reentering your home involves identifying the initial points of entry and making any necessary modifications or repairs. For example, repairing damaged shingles, installing sweeps along the bases of entry doors, or covering external vents with a durable mesh.

Have rats entered your home and created an unmanageable infestation? Take swift action by consulting with a qualified pest control company. Aiken Pest Control will provide effective rat control solutions for homeowners throughout the Aiken area.

As an organization that has remained among the leading providers of comprehensive pest control services in this region, our team is prepared to help with the removal of ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and many other troublesome creatures that may pose health risks. Contact our office today to speak with a friendly member of our staff.

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