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Are Rodents In South Carolina Dangerous?

a house mouse with beady black eyes and white and tan fur staring at a those living an a columbia south carolina home

"If a mouse or rat is kept in a comfortable cage and only let out under direct supervision, they can be amazing pets. In this environment, they are allowed to chew on their toys, run around, and defecate in an area that can be easily cleaned. However, when rodents are allowed to venture freely inside homes, all these habits become major problems, especially if the rodent is wild."

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Is There A Home Remedy For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs That Works?

a large young colony of bed bugs festering and staining the fabric wrappted box spring inside of a colimbia south carolina home during the late summer season

"In life, there are always two ways to fix a problem: doing it yourself or having it professionally solved for you. Which of these options you choose comes down to a few factors. Do you have or can you learn the skills needed to fix the problem? Is the time it would take worth the money you would save? And what might go wrong if you fail?"

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